Week in Review 7.6.15 to 7.12.15

It seems like I just wrote my Week in Review for last week, but apparently another week has passed! I lived through one week on Gyn Surgery and managed to get my runs in. They weren’t pretty, but they happened. Since not everyone goes to medical school, I thought for this week I would include the other bit of my schedule to give a more “full circle” view of my not-so-glamorous life.

Monday: Orientation from 7:30 til 3:30. 6.9 mile run afterward with Joey then studying/prepping for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday: Orientation from 7 til 2, break to run 9.7 miles in 70 degree dew point with 5 by 300 hard on the track. Incredibly miserable run. There was sweat pouring into my eyes and I wasn’t sure I could move. Then back to school from 6 to 8 for pelvic boot camp. It was what it sounded like…

Wednesday: Up at 4:30 am to prep for the day. 5 cases for the day, so I stood for 12.5 hours in the OR. Home at 6:30 and since my legs were throbbing, decided to take my scheduled rest day (prorated 7) for the week. Prepped until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Thursday: Up at 5 but only 3 cases today. 8.8 recovery miles afterward. SORE/ACHY.

Friday: Up early but no scheduled cases. Studied in the library with my legs up until we were released at 1. Napped, went to Burlington Beer Company with my best friend and her husband who were passing through then ran 8 miles home from there. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Saturday: 10 miles with 4 by 5 minutes at T pace (170 HR) on the Causeway and a lovely lake soak afterward. Legs at night.

See the trees on the horizon to the left? That's the incredible Causeway.

See the trees on the horizon to the left? That’s the incredible Causeway.

Sunday am: 15 mile with Annie absolutely dying in the heat, even at 8 am.

Sunday pm: 5 miles with the team. River soak planned!!

Total Miles: 70.4

This week was brutally painful on my legs. I wore compression socks and running shoes and tried to focus on good posture in the OR but am still in just an enormous amount of low grade pain from concrete floors. Just working on being kind to myself and going on effort with the reminder that in 5 weeks, I’m off to focus on training until Philly.

Leftover picture from last week on the Rail Trail. 16 miles of this!!

Leftover picture from last week on the Rail Trail. 16 mile trail, for 32 miles of amazing running if you need it.

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