Week in Review 8.17.15 to 8.23.15

Feeling a bit like I cannot catch a break! Had an awesome early week of getting up at 4:30 and getting my runs in only to wake up sick as a dog on Friday heading into our training camp. Will assures me it’s not the end of the world but I’m too full of snot and sore from coughing to totally believe him.

Monday: 6.5 miles early.

Tuesday: 8.65 early with Chris and Carl on the bike path. Epic humidity.

Wednesday: 10 miles with 2 by (3 min, 2 min, 1 min hard). Dewpoint of 70 = wheezing during my run. In hindsight, perhaps the beginning of my sinus infection/cold.

Thursday: 7 mile recovery run.

Friday: No voice and swollen sore throat. Decided to push my long run “a day” in hopes that I would feel better with more sleep. 5.2 miles easy.

Saturday am: No such luck on feeling better. 3.5 miles of hilly, rocky terrain when we arrived at Windridge.

Saturday afternoon: 5 miles of speed training courtesy of cross country lacrosse.

Sunday am: 5 miles with the team with 6 by 30 seconds hard uphill. Totally knocked down by my cold. Legs after the workout.

Sunday pm: 2 mile run with Joe before drills. 15 minutes of aquajogging cut short by a bee sting in the pool. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Spent the rest of the night absolutely miserable between the cold and an allergic reaction.

Total Miles: 53

Obviously the end of this week was anything but optimal. My big job right now is to get healthy so that I can attack Phase 3 next week. The good news is that my schedule is now wide open for running and that as soon as I stop coughing, wheezing and generally feeling horrible, there’s nothing in the way of training. It is certainly hard to keep the faith right now, however, so I’m definitely getting plenty of practice with my positive self talk!!

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