Weeks in Review 8.3.15 to 8.16.15

I made it!! The last two weeks haven’t been pretty but I did the best I could to keep myself running through a crazy schedule and total exhaustion. I took faith in Will’s assurance that it doesn’t matter what tips the work-recovery balance and am just hoping I’m in a good position as I start the bulk of this training cycle.

8/3: 8.5 mile recovery run

8/4: 10.1 mile speed workout. 3 by (400, 300, 200). Focused on cadence and form. Legs afterward. First night shift after this.

8/5: 7 mile recovery run.

8/6: 8.5 mile run on Spear Street.

8/7: Completely and utterly wiped out. Worked til 9:30, slept until 3 then back in for 5 pm. Brutal.

8/8: Opted out of long run and went to the track for 6 by 200 to give my legs the best stimulus possible on almost no sleep. Flipped to days over this weekend.

8/9: 8.5 mile run after my first day shift.

8/10: Gave up on trying to get normal training volume and just got out for a 6 mile jog after my shift.

8/11: Off day, prorated to 8.5. So tired, I started feeling perpetually dizzy.

8/12: 4.5 miles after my last day of OBGyn.

8/13: 10.6 mile fartlek. 5 to 1 fartlek. Still exhausted but amazing what a full night’s sleep can do. Also the best day ever because cross country is back!!!

8/14: Absolutely brutal 15 miler. It kept getting oppressively humid then pouring rain, followed by more sun and oppressive humidity and then rain. Thought about quitting >15 times.

8/15: 5 easy miles on the Causeway with Emmy and KC. Arms afterward.

8/16: Finally feeling human and like a runner again. 10 miles with 6 by 45 second hills in very hot weather. Legs afterward.

Ended up with 50 miles for 8/3 to 8/9 and 60 miles for 8/10 to 8/16. Not optimal but not a disaster either. I’m still on Bridge this week but will have markedly more time for training, so looking forward to some solid mileage weeks ahead!

I did learn that going forward, I cannot expect to run after a 13 to 14 hour day on my feet. Nights were actually perfect for me; I’d come home and collapse into bed then wake up at 2:30 and get my run in on rested legs. Going forward when I’m on days, I’ll need to plan to get my runs in early morning, even if that means getting up at 3 am.

2 thoughts on “Weeks in Review 8.3.15 to 8.16.15

  1. D. L.

    Hi! What does Will mean by “doesn’t matter what tips the work-recovery balance”. Just curious. I can’t believe you can fit any training in while doing clinical rotations. Craziness. I’m rooting for you 🙂

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      We were talking about it in the context of me taking a few unplanned days off or at lower volume in the past couple of weeks. I was worrying that I’d lose all of my hard earned fitness. His point was that in situations where you are not sleeping or doing a ton of other activity (e.g. moving, a big hiking trip, single parenting for a week), that non-running work is still perceived as work by your body and needs balanced recovery. Getting in an 8 mile run for the sake of an 8 mile run when I’d worked 80+ hours in 5 days was just going to tip the scales way too far towards work and set me up for injury and burnout. Of course, you can’t always let a busy week be your “work,” but if you occasionally have to, it’s not the catastrophe it seems like it is. As for fitting in runs during clinical rotations, it’s a constant battle! I have two “hard” rotations left, so we’ll see how those go.


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