Week in Review 8.31.15 to 9.6.15

Monday: 7 miles of easy running but did some uptempo stuff as I paced the girls through Ks. Finally broke down and went to the doctor as I was still sick. 10 days of antibiotics for me!

Tuesday am: 16 by 400 on the track. So hot and definitely a mental struggle but got through it. Pace from 85 to 87 that felt comfortable for my lungs, but my legs were ploddy. Legs in the gym afterward.

Tuesday pm: 2 mile run with the team while they warmed up.

Wednesday: 7 mile recovery run plus striders.

Thursday: Woke up and felt like a bus hit me then realized I hadn’t had an off day since August 11th including two weeks of being sick, so I took it today. 8.5 prorated.

Friday: 15.5 mile long run with Erin. Antibiotics killing my stomach but we survived and I was happy to have it in before I left for the weekend.

Saturday: 7 mile recovery run in the Adirondacks. Beautiful scenery but despite it being 43 when we woke up, it was hot by the time I ran! Striders after.

Sunday: 6 miles with 6 by 100 meters at I pace on the track. 90 degrees out and wanted to spend the time with Will, so decided to just do enough to stay active and move on for the week.

Total Miles: 63.4

Total Miles for August: 260 miles

Not a week I’m feeling particularly proud of. Mentally defeated from being sick and then from feeling sick from serious antibiotics and physically exhausted to boot. Everyone is dealing with the heat but I’ll add my complaint that I’m sick of being overheated all the time. I wish I’d gotten my tempo workout in while we were in the Adirondacks but was just feeling like I wanted the time with Will since he’s been gone for a few weeks and will be gone for 4 more.

The upside to the weekend was that I was around lots of amazing runner-folks who were reassuring that this is just a funk and I’ll snap out of it soon. I’m looking forward to cooler weather but it looks like it will have to wait another few days. Heading out for a tempo workout now in 93 degree temps and just rocking my heart rate monitor; there’s no pace predictor that is accurate for 93 and sunny!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 8.31.15 to 9.6.15

  1. Ryan

    The weather has been rather demoralizing of late. I am convinced every morning for the past month has been hotter and darker than the previous one. Today was the first run in months with a headlamp, usually when the headlamp comes out it means comfortable running temps, but not this year. I am just trying to convince myself that struggling through tough conditions now will payoff in November.
    What are your thoughts on fasted long runs? I have a friend, who is a strong runner, who posted on Facebook about doing her 18 miler at an 8:20ish pace this weekend with no calories before or during the run, only water. I think attempting that would only lead to disaster for me personally. I typically will do my 4-6 mile morning runs with relatively low fuel, 10-12 ounces of juice before starting, but can’t imagine doing much more without food.

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      I’m with you. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, yet it was 87 and humid on my morning run today. I just keep trying to have the faith that we’ll feel better in November.

      My thoughts on fasted long runs are mixed and it’s actual an area in which Will and I disagree. I understand that the theory is that if you can fast, you teach your body to be more efficient at burning fat and retrieving glycogen. However, you also need to be practiced at taking fuel throughout your run as you have to for a marathon and certainly don’t want to be practicing anything new on race day. Furthermore, most of us don’t have more than about an hour of glycogen stored in our livers. For me, I split the difference by eating before long runs (> or = 2 hours) but alternating between fueled and fuel-free during the run. That being said, in a 15 mile run, I will take 1 Gu at most with a few sips of water. If I’m not starving when I wake up before a run, I’ll go fasted. However, if I wake up hungry, I’ll have something small as I’m getting ready. I am someone who drops my blood sugar quickly and I don’t see the purpose of putting myself in legitimate danger for the sake of better fat burning.


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