Week in Review 9.14.15 to 9.20.15

Monday: 7.2 miles of recovery plus 6 striders on the grass. Hip work afterward.

Tuesday: 6 by 1K repeats (3:40, 3:44, 3:45, 3:45, 3:44, 3:45). Legs totally dead and a super frustrating workout. Leg lift afterward.

Wednesday: 7.1 mile recovery run. Lifted arms.

Thursday am: 13.1 miles with 2 by 2 at Tempo Pace. Was supposed to do 3 by 2 miles but when I went to start the third, I almost couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. Essentially jogged home.

Thursday pm: 3 miles warming up with Erin before her 3K.

Friday: Scheduled Off Day. 7 miles prorated. Lots of activity setting up our school fun run.

Saturday am: 5 miles plus 6 striders bright and early.

Saturday day: 5 miles of running plus 3 miles of coursewalking at the Invitational. Legs cooked at bedtime. Girls had an epic day with JV winning and Varsity in third.

Just want to bottle this happiness!

Just want to bottle this happiness!

Sunday: Downtown 10K in 38:33, a 5 second PR and the win! Much more in my race write up but a perfect example of why going out with caution and racing smart always pays off. In this case, literally, with a $125 prize.

A little stunned at the finish.

A little stunned at the finish.

Total Miles: 67.4

Before this morning, this week was one of the most stressful in all of my running life. I don’t totally understand what’s going on with my running and it’s so frustrating to feel like I’m doing all of the right things and having nothing really work out. Finally made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning to get my iron levels checked, among a few other things, and will see a sports dietitian on Thursday to see what suggestions she has. Having a good race today is a huge mental help, however, as I felt like the first 4 miles were extremely easy and that changing gears wasn’t that difficult.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 9.14.15 to 9.20.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Dude!! Congrats on the 10K and the WIN!! The prize money is icing on the cake! That’s awesome. So glad that you had a great race after a stressful week. How’d the iron appointment go? And the one with the sports dietitian? I actually decided last week to pursue a certification in Sports Nutrition – so I’m keenly interested in what they told you. 🙂 I’m hoping that you are already feeling better and you can get back to training confidently! Keep us posted!

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Thanks! Appointments were good. My ferritin is quite low so I’ve started liquid iron and the dietitian appointment was a great starting place. We mostly worked on getting to know each other but I did start magnesium and methyl folate. I’m still trying to learn more about those but will be sharing what I learn in a post soon. How goes the marathon recovery?


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