Week in Review 9.21.15 to 9.27.15

Monday: 7.1 miles easy. Feeling pretty good post-race but sore in weird places. Lifted back in the gym.

Tuesday: 8 miles with the team on the Greenway in Cambridge. 3 at 7:25 pace for their tempo Tuesday.

Wednesday: 17 miles with 6 at MP. 6:52 away from the wind, 7:05 in the (crazy) wind. Actually felt pretty good. Legs in the gym.

Thursday: 5 mile recovery run. Started my iron supplement.

Friday: 8 miles by the ocean. Such a happy run.

Saturday am: 4 miles of coaching running; warmups, cooldowns only. Didn’t count my running around the course.

Saturday pm: 5 easy on 1A when I got back to the beach. Hip core.

Sunday: 10.3 mile interval workout. 16 by 400 but on the road so .25 miles. Pace was varied with wind and small hills but all between 83 and 89 with most 86 to 88. Actually felt pretty good. Legs after.

Total Miles: 65

All in all, not a bad week with two workouts that actually felt pretty good. I’m tolerating my iron well (more on that later) and I’m getting used to taking something three times a day while simultaneously promising to never prescribe something three times daily. The temperature change has been amazing and I’m actually looking forward to this coming week of running in short sleeves with minimal sweating!

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