Week in Review 9.7.15 to 9.13.15

Monday am: 3 miles with the team on a warmup for our hill workout. Hip core afterward.

Monday pm: 5 by 1 mile at T pace in 93 degree temps. 6:20, 6:32, 6:24, 6:42, 6:32 all 168 to 172. On the UVM bike path, so had some small variations in terrain. Exhausted. 10.5 miles.

Tuesday: 5.7 mile recovery run. Core afterward.

Wednesday: 9 mile run, previewing the Downtown 10K course with striders in the last mile.

Thursday: 8 by 800. Cooler but still struggling with the humidity and apparently my legs. 2:54, 2:55, 2:56, 2:57, 2:57, 2:59, 2:58, 3:00. 10 miles total. Legs afterward.

Friday: 4 miles at St. Johnsbury.

Love when we get the opportunity to run all together! Sharing all my wisdom pre-race...

Love when we get the opportunity to run all together! Sharing all my wisdom pre-race…

Saturday: 8 mile run in Saratoga Spa State Park. Super pretty.

Sunday: 16.15 long run with a bunch of Olde Bones. Arms after.

Total Miles: 67

Things are just not snapping together for me this cycle. I’m sleeping at least 9 hours a night, lifting and doing core, stretching and foam rolling and generally doing all the extras but feel worse than I did on 5 hours of a sleep and no extras. Hard to describe what feels wrong, but I just don’t feel like I can get my legs to move fast anymore. Pressing on because I have the time to do so, but definitely not encouraged for Philly at this point. I do need to work on prioritizing my own runs in addition to coaching, as I lost some mileage there this week when I tried to combine the two and ended up needing to focus more on coaching than on myself. I’m also still having a lot of right hip pain so giving that some extra focus throughout the day.

I have two big workouts and a race this coming week. I’ll be doing 3 by 2 mile at T pace on Tuesday, 6 by 1K at I pace on Thursday and then the Downtown 10K on Sunday. Haven’t quite formulated a goal for that race yet. I’m somewhat near where I was when I ran my PR there in 2012 but I’ll wait to see how my workouts go this week and what the weather is looking like.

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