Good Eats: Halloween Chex Mix

I made this delicious chex mix for the team today and got lots of requests to share, so here goes. I’d post a picture but it didn’t survive two passes around our stretching circle. Warning, it’s REALLY sweet and also quite delicious, so you’ll want someone around to share it with.

1 bag white chocolate chips

1 bag traditional candy corn

1 bag candy corn M&Ms

2 cups of salted mini pretzels

3 cups of corn chex

3 cups of rice chex

Orange and black sugar crystals

Prep is easy; melt the white chocolate chips on low in a stock pot on the stove, stirring constantly. Once fully melted, stir in the remaining ingredients except the sugar crystals while still over the low heat so that the chocolate doesn’t harden. It takes some patience to fold in everything but with a wooden spoon, everything should be coated in white chocolate before you call yourself done. Remove from the heat and dump the mixture out onto parchment paper or a torn open brown paper bag to cool. Sprinkle the sugar crystals over the top as it cools. You can then break up by hand or cut into chunks like you would serve candy bark.

Contains dairy and gluten, although if you use brand name Chex and gluten free pretzels, you can make a tasty gluten free option.

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