Recently Read: Youth Sports, the Trials as a BQ and Master’s Goals

  • I’m a huge advocate for lifelong activity, not only because I believe sports teach valuable lessons for surviving life’s obstacles but because obesity is a pathology that crosses over all walks of life and costs us enormously both financially and emotionally. Thus, I was interested to see new data on participation in youth sports and disheartened to see that overall participation has dropped. This is one of the reasons I love cross country; it’s not expensive to be a part of and there is a place for absolutely everyone.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to explain to people that my goal is the Olympic Trials when I have no chance of making the actual Olympic Team. Although the by-line is a little offensive and the USATF quote is similarly obnoxious (The average marathon time in 2013 for women was 4:41, almost 2 hours slower than the OTQ at 2:43), this article does a decent job of capturing what the Olympic Trials Qualifier means to runners for whom the Boston Qualifier is not enough. I qualified for Boston by almost 20 minutes in my very first marathon but still wanted something to strive for and needing to shave 34 minutes off (I’ve taken 23 off to date) is my version of the BQ.
  • I joke that I’m really training for my masters career after I finish residency, so stories like this (and like Deena being top American at Chicago at 42) give me tons of hope!
  • I love this article about the purpose of education because it’s also spot on for the purpose of a high school sport. The score is NOT the main event. Showing up, working hard and pressing on when things don’t go your way IS the main event. Being accountable to teammates and coaches is the main event.

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