Week in Review 10.19.15 to 10.25.15

Somehow another week has passed and we’re now a month (!!!!) from Philadelphia. Just a couple more weeks of hard work left until taper.

Monday: 8.2 mile recovery run plus hip core.

Tuesday: 7.5 mile run with the team. Lower back bugging me.

Wednesday am: Workout. 5 by 1000 plus 4 by 200. My Garmin was misbehaving on the track and had a variety of distances for 2.5 laps, all equally 5:38 pace. Didn’t time the 200s but they felt fast.

Wednesday pm: 2.4 mile shakeout run plus legs.

Thursday: 9.55 mile recovery run. Legs pretty darn tired but I took it really easy. Arms afterward.

Friday: 8 mile easy run plus core.

Saturday: 8.5 miles before the meet.

Sunday: Swapped my long run workout with a regular run because of the wind, so just 8 miles of easy running plus strides.

Total Miles: 62.3

This week was an average week of training: nothing great and nothing bad either. My legs are feeling a bit crummy again, but I suspect that’s because I’m finally able to push myself again rather than fighting chronic oxygen debt. I’m not sure why my lower back is bothering me, but I’m hoping that stretching plus the magic of taper will resolve that before November 22nd!

I’ll do my long run workout tomorrow (2 hours with 8 miles at marathon pace, 6:30). Because I pushed my workout to tomorrow, it makes the end of my week crowded with a Thursday/Friday workout combo. The State Meet is on Saturday, so I won’t aim to do any of my own running that day, but will be cheering and running all over the course.


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