Week in Review 10.5.15 to 10.11.15

Finally some hope!!!

Monday: 7 mile recovery run.

Tuesday: 3 by 2 miles at tempo pace. (6:22, 6:25) (6:15, 6:25) (6:21, 6:19). Much better than last time! 11.6 miles total.

Wednesday: 6 mile recovery run.

Thursday: 7 mile normal run.

Friday: 9 mile normal run. Put workout off because the weather was horrible.

Saturday: Intervals. 6 by 800. (2:50, 2:48, 2:48, 2:49, 2:48, 2:50). Hard to believe that a month ago, I was struggling through at 2:57 pace. 10 miles total.

Sunday: 18.2 mile long run in perfect fall weather.

Total Miles 68.8

Finally turning a corner! Between last week and this week, the tone in my running log has changed from “survived” to “felt great!” Easy runs no longer feel like slogging through quicksand and my workouts are both speeding up and feel much more reasonable effort wise, especially my tempo efforts. I’m a little over two weeks into my iron supplementation and feeling so much more like myself. I’m still adjusting my goals for Philly but with a whole lot more hope and happiness.

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