Week in Review: 9.28 to 10.4

Fall has arrived! From sweaty away in tank tops and short shorts to running in capris and long sleeves with gloves on in just a few days…

Monday: 7 mile recovery run with a few 400s in there as the girls did a workout. Tweaked my left glute doing RDLs of all things and was pretty sore for the rest of the week. Arms in the weight room.

Tuesday: Rainy 10.4 mile regular run with Erin and Megan. 6 by 100 meter striders.

Wednesday: Pouring rain and windy so had to get a bit creative with workouts. 3 mile continuous tempo on the track. 6:33, 6:16, 6:14 that felt easier and easier as the pace dropped. 11.75 miles total. Legs in the weight room.

Thursday: 5.1 mile recovery run. Beach abs with the team.

Friday: 10.4 mile interval workout that also had to be creative because the marching band was using the track (?!). 5 by 1000 on the roads around the high school, so pace was all over the place but all good effort.

Saturday: 7 miles while coaching around Thetford.

Sunday: 15.1 mile long run with Erin. Perfect fall day. Felt pretty clunky/tired but we got through it.

Total Miles: 67

Total Miles for September: 283 miles

Although workouts are still feeling pretty difficult, I’m starting to feel better on regular runs and am much less exhausted overall. The best example of this is that I managed to really lift this week rather than essentially collapsing after my runs. I’m getting used to being tied to my house three times a day for my iron but will admit that some days, I just end up doubling up my dose because I wasn’t home for one of them. I see Kim again this week and I’m excited/nervous to see what we come up with for tweaks. I do feel like my nutrition has been a little off track the last week or so because Will is back from Connecticut and I’m getting used to having someone else around for meals again rather than just eating on my schedule and my own meal preferences.

Now that I feel like my energy is coming back from its nadir, I’m starting to think about how I want to reframe my goals for Philadelphia. I don’t think a Trials Qualifier is a very likely outcome at this point but I’d still like to have a strong race and set myself up for the 2016 season. At the very least, I’d like to break 1:20. I’ll revisit in a couple weeks after I get some more workouts in but I think a reasonable A goal would be to break 1:18.

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