Week in Review 11.2.15 to 11.8.15

Back from an awesome weekend in DC. Somehow our little group of friends has turned into a big group of families. We had 15 adults, 2 teenagers and 5 kiddos under 3 in the very grown up house of the newest married couple in the group, the night ended at 6 pm and the only person who ended the night without pants on was a 3 year old. The times, they are a changing!

Monday: 16.5 mile run with workout embedded. 5 by 1 mile at T pace (6:09, 6:09, 6:07, 6:09, 6:11) and 5 by 200 at 34 seconds followed by enough running to make it to 2 hours and 10 minutes. Legs afterward.

Tuesday: 7 mile recovery run plus reffing XC lacrosse.

Wednesday: 8 miles on the complex plus striders.

Thursday: The first meh workout in a while. 6 by 800 (2:48, 2:52, 2:54, 2:56, 2:51, 2:53) plus 4 by 200. 10 miles total. Legs afterward.

Friday: 14.2 mile long run before the flight to DC.

Saturday: 5.25 mile recovery run with KC and Emmy! Super humid.

Sunday: 8.2 mile run on surprisingly hilly roads near KC’s new house. Legs pretty wiped but presumably poor sleep for two nights didn’t help.

Total Miles: 69.1 

Not my most focused week. During my workout on Monday, I kept finding myself thinking about something else only to realize I was in the middle of a tempo mile. On Thursday, I just couldn’t get my effort right and my legs felt exhausted from the first step. I don’t know if I was just not recovered from Monday or if I’m starting to get antsy for taper, but this week felt scattered. I’m glad I got the mileage in that I did but I’m hoping this coming week brings a little more focus.

Taper starts midweek, so I’m looking forward to all the crazy that goes along with that! I’ve already been bugging Will about what time he thinks I can run and how he thinks I should approach the race. More on that later this week…

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