Week in Review 11.23.15 to 11.29.15

Not the most exciting week of running!

Monday: Off completely. A little sore in feet and shins but otherwise okay.

Tuesday: No run, just lifted arms.

Wednesday: First run! 4.1 miles that felt like 40. Wondered if I’d ever run before.

Thursday: 4 miles with a mile of striders on the track. Felt so good to shake it out. 300 Abs routine.

Friday: 5.5 mile run, part at Cranbury Park and part on treadmill. Lifted arms.

Saturday: 4 mile run on treadmill before Footlocker. Walked around NYC a ton.

Sunday: Traveled back from New York. Off day.

Total Miles: 17.6 miles. 

Total Miles for December: 188 miles

It wasn’t the easiest week emotionally. I came back to school Monday after Philly and my classmates were all interested in how the race went so I had to relive my disappointment/humiliation all day long. I also spent the first part of the week desperate to find another race, only to find out that there really aren’t any options close by that we can afford to do in short order. It is a bitter pill to swallow to train for months, have a bad race then not be able to use the fitness but I also have to finish up my medical training in the next 18 months so I’ll just be racing locally for the next couple of months.

We also ordered me a treadmill and as my sister said, I’m the only person on the planet excited for a treadmill. For me, it offers the ability to run at 3:30 in the morning (although I’ve been running outside at that hour this week) and a safe way to do workouts and runs in the winter months. I already have some treadmill workouts that I like to use but will be coming up and sharing more through the winter!

One thought on “Week in Review 11.23.15 to 11.29.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Awesome news on the treadmill! Christmas came early for you! 🙂 And I feel your pain on the whole “week after a disappointing race” – I always secretly hoped no one would ask me how it went so that I wouldn’t have to relive it. But in some ways talking about it with others helped me process it and move on – especially since most people care more about YOU and how you are feeling than the time you ran, and if they are good friends they will at least try to understand the disappointment and be supportive. I was grateful for that!


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