Week in Review 12/14/15 to 12/20/15

Monday: 3.7 mile run plus 300 abs. All done by 5:30 am!

Tuesday: 6.3 mile with 2K at tempo effort on the New Years Day 5K course. Rainy but felt pretty good to move fast-ish.

Wednesday: 5.2 mile with the dogs plus a tryout of a new circuit. Accidentally did 3 times through each rather than two. Wouldn’t recommend that!! Definitely want to add the Bridge with Chest Press and Woodchop to my regular routines.

Thursday: 5.5 mile run home from dropping Justin’s truck off.

Friday: 4.3 mile run with striders in the Sheraton Parking lot.

Saturday: Off day. Ran errands and finished Christmas shopping with Will. Total abs at night.

Sunday: It snowed!!!!!! 10.8 mile long run with some dicey footing, but otherwise a lovely run. Arms after.

Total Miles: 35.8

Not a bad week! I wish I’d gotten in a little more running but felt like it was better to have all my Christmas errands done so that I can just rest and relax this week. Decided to run the RunVermont First Run again this year and hoping for a fast time! I also talked Will into joining me, so I’m excited to have a chance to run together.

Francesca shared this with me after my post on strength training and I’m passing it on because I had no idea this website existed. There are hundreds of workouts to try on there and I like that they are adaptable for different levels. I’m definitely going to be trying the Sprinter one and the Ironclad abs. 

We’re on vacation this week (yayyyyyyy) so I’ll have a little more time to run. It will be hard to resist the urge to run 70 miles because I can but I know that’s a recipe for injury. Instead, I’ll be aiming for about 50 with 1 to 2 workouts and a long run plus lots of new strength routine trials.


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