Weeks in Review 11.30.15 to 12.13.15

Holy sh*t the transition back to real life has been tough!

11/30/15 to 12/6/15

Monday: The beginning of heinously early running. 5.7 miles plus striders.

Tuesday: 6.3 miles.

Wednesday: 6.1 miles of muddy, messy running with the dogs. Collection of new strength exercises for 20 minutes after.

Thursday: Just strength in the basement.

Friday: 5.25 mile fartlek run with the dogs.

Saturday: 5 mile run.

Sunday: Exhausted and out of time before my last night on.

Total Miles: 28.4 

This week was about the most abrupt way to return to the wards: I was on nights, Will left for Connecticut and I started the surgery clerkship. Running is actually easier for me when I’m on nights because it’s still light out when I try to run but everything else about nights is generally chaos. The good news was that my legs really started to feel great in the middle of the week, even with standing in the OR for hours on end. I also got to try a lot of new strength routines, which was fun.

12/7/15 to 12/13/15

Monday: 7.5 mile “long” run post-call.

Tuesday: 4.3 mile run and striders.

Wednesday: Off. Totally wiped from flipping shifts.

Thursday: 5.9 mile run.

Friday: 5.7 mile run plus striders.

Saturday: 8 mile workout. 3 by 4 minutes at T pace, 4 by 200. Legs afterward. Definitely clunky but was moving really fast (for me).

Sunday: 8.5 mile “long” run with Erin.

Total Miles: 40

I flipped back to days this week which left me drooling-level tired by Wednesday night. Because of my schedule, I just got up early and got my run done. It’s miserable when the alarm goes off at 3:45 am but it’s so nice to have my run done and not be stressing about when I’m going to get out of the hospital on the other end of the day. I am just trying to keep it simple right now- 45 minutes as many days I can, an hour on days that I’m off with workouts that include tempo and R pace as possible. I was so excited about my workout this week; even though I haven’t done much lately, I averaged 7:08 for the whole run on Saturday, which means I was moving pretty well during the uptempo sections.

Despite feeling really proud that I got my runs in this week, I was pretty devastated (and angry) to hear the news that they changed the Olympic Trials standards yesterday. The half marathon standard didn’t change but the full marathon time was dropped back to 2:45 again. Had I known this was afoot, I might have considered running the full at Philly or even gearing up for an early January marathon. For reference, that means the half entry standard is now 87% age graded while the full standard is 84%. Sarah-luck at its best. I also feel horrible for the women who were aiming for the OTQ, had a slightly off day and ran 2:45 and change, thinking they were 2+ off the standard. I understand where USATF is coming from but the timing downright stinks.

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