Week in Review 1.25.15 to 1.31.15

Monday: 4 mile recovery run.

Tuesday: 6 mile run.

Wednesday: 9.2 mile run midweek!! Woo!

Thursday: 6 mile run plus arms.

Friday: 6 mile progression run. Legs after.

Saturday: All of the snow activities. 15K of skiing at the race then 20 minutes of snowshoe running.

Sunday: Sore! Yoga first thing then a lovely easy 5 with Megan.

Total Miles: 36.4

Total Miles for January: 138

Happy with this week and hopeful that I’ll crack 40 for next week. The weather is still all over the place up here and it’s left some very icy sidewalks but I’ve still been able to be outside a few days a week. I’m not sure the snowshoe race is going to go next weekend with temperatures in the 50s tomorrow but I’m keeping my fingers crossed (although if yesterday was any indication, 7K is going to be incredibly painful!)

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