Week in Review 1.4.15 to 1.10.15

As I alluded in this post, this week was a harsh welcome back to the end of 3rd year, although all in a good way. I came into the week with high hopes of a 50 mile week and came out with a 25 mile week but an adjusted appreciation of the time I do have to run.

Monday: 4.2 miles on the treadmill, welcome as it was 3:30 am and 3 degrees out.

Tuesday: 6 miles.

Wednesday: 4 miles with 10 minutes at T pace. Legs afterward.

Thursday: In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution, yoga! The routine wasn’t hard but it was hard for me to do. Lots of work to do.

Friday: 3.1 miles. In hindsight, not sure why I didn’t just do the full 30 minutes.

Saturday: 15K of skiing with the team at U-32. So grateful to be outside and get to coach for the day!


Sunday: 7 miles in the pouring rain and wind. Didn’t care because I got to be outside!!

Total Miles: 25

A bit of humble pie this week; surgery is an important clerkship for me and it’s a demanding one, so I had to make a choice between being good at work (or at least awake and engaged) and getting all my hoped-for miles in. I chose the former and am actively working on accepting that for the next couple of weeks, even 30 minutes a day is a great thing.

I am working on figuring out my racing schedule for the next couple of months and am toying with doing the All Terrain Runner series with USATF NE. If I do this, I need to find an indoor track 3K relatively soon. In keeping with this, I’m going to aim for a tempo run and an R pace workout this week plus whatever else I have time to get in.

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