Week in Review 12/28/15 to 1/3/16

Monday: 5 miles easy.

Tuesday: Skied on the Golf Course then 3 mile run on the treadmill.

Wednesday: Skate skied with the kids at practice.

Thursday: 2.5 mile shakeout run with Will plus striders.

Friday: First Run 5K in 18:47, 7.5 miles total on the day. Legs afterward.

Saturday: 5.5 mile recovery run. Arms afterward.

Sunday: Off Day/get Will back to CT/get ready for vacation to end.

Total Miles 23.4

I decided to make this week into a bit of an adaptation week since it included a race and the beginning of ski season soreness. I also needed some time to get ready to start back up tomorrow morning bright and early so am opting to go into a new week as rested as I can. For the coming week, I’ll just do the best I can with frigid temperatures and a crazy schedule to get in 40 to 50 miles.

I’m also back in a base building phase now that my hybrid break-maintain for a 5K cycle is over. This means lots of tempo work and hills coming my way!

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