Walk It Out


I’ve never been one to wear a pedometer; after all, I run almost every day and never have trouble getting to 10,000 steps. I was curious, however, just how much I move on a daily basis while I’m in the hospital. My phone comes with a built in pedometer (S Health, for those on Android) that I don’t have to think about so I turned it on a couple of weeks ago. What I learned is pretty interesting. On any given day, I get about 2000 steps in during the first hour of my day. Between walking to the hospital and rounds, I get the day off right with lots of motion. Then my day diverges depending on the plan for the day. If I have clinic, I end the day around 5000 steps. If I’m in the OR, however, I end up at least near 10,000 and sometimes higher. My highest last week was 13,561 steps!

What I’ve learned from my little experiment is that especially after OR days, doing a workout and expecting a good result is ridiculous. 10,000 steps is something like 6 miles walked on top of my regular run and isn’t a good setup for a speed workout. I was also interested, however, to see how few steps I take during clinic even though I feel fairly active because I’m up and down a lot to see patients.

Do you use a pedometer? How active is your daily life?


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