Week in Review 2.22.16 to 2.28.16

Monday: Tempo run. 15 minutes at T pace then 2 by 1 mile at M pace.

Tuesday: 4.5 mile trail run in Sunny Hollow.

Wednesday: 4 mile run on the treadmill.

Thursday: 6 mile run.

Friday: 5 mile workout with 10 by 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. Felt really clunky at first but great by the end.

Saturday: 6 miles of skiing at Sleepy Hollow.

Sunday: 11.7 mile long run. Was somehow flying for this run, which is encouraging for Spring 2016!

Total Miles: 43.2

Better week! Happy to get two workouts in and even happier with the way my long run went today. It was windy and I worked all morning but I just clicked in and ran 7:30 pace that felt like jogging for almost 12 miles. I attribute some of this to my being excited to get an outdoor run in and some of it to switching up vitamins and learning to tolerate a bigger dose of iron. Regardless, it makes me excited for the season to come.

For this coming week, it’s States Week, so much of my energy will go to supporting the MMU team as they aim to win the championship on both sides. Running-wise, I’ll be doing a steady state run, another time based interval workout and a 1:40 long run. On my recovery days, I’m hoping to get back onto some trails but we have sketchy weather coming through that may make it too icy to be safe.

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