How To Start Running: Month 3

(Just finding this? Here’s Month 1 and Month 2.)

Month 3 Picture

This month is where you’ll really start to pick up steam, getting up to 20 minutes of exercise and 14 minutes of running by the end of the month. By now, your runs should be a habit and you should be feeling comfortable when running for 2 minutes at a time. We’ll build on that by adding running time first and then by decreasing your walk breaks in between.

Week Workout Plan
Week 9  16 minutes (1:30 walk 2:30 run. Repeat 4 times)
Week 10 16 minutes (1:00 walk 2:30 run. Repeat 4 times. 2 min walk to end)
Week 11 16 minutes (1:00 walk 3:00 run. Repeat 4 times)
Week 12 20 minutes (1:30 walk 3:30 run. Repeat 4 times)



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