Time for Plans and Projects


This little guy poked his head up in our side flower garden yesterday, perhaps optimistic that the 65 degrees and humid would be here for good. I’ll admit that I felt a little optimistic as well, as I sweated through an easy 7 in shorts and a tee shirt. It felt most like Spring, however, when I hit the track for the first time since November. It felt like Spring not only because the track was dry instead of under ice and snow, but because I felt awkward and rusty as I attempted to get in my striders. The first straightaway was downright comical. I couldn’t remember how to lift my knees, pick up my cadence or pump my arms. 100 meters felt like forever. By the 8th straightaway, however, familiar efficiency was coming back and my mind started to drift to all the progress that seemed imaginable but just out of reach.

She felt that she was full of the most splendid plans and projects…

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