Train Like Meb Sweepstakes

When I was running along the Silver Strand last week, a guy came by me on an ElliptiGO and since I don’t see a lot of them in Vermont, I asked him how he liked it and he responded with a resounding “I love it!!!” I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet (the bike shop in Coronado said they had them but apparently there was a mixup) but I’ve seen some of the UVM runners using them as well as one (possibly crazy) lady who commutes on Route 15 through insane traffic. I’m not someone who loves the elliptical because I feel locked in and get quite a bit of knee pain, so I’m interested in whether the ElliptiGO makes me feel similar aches and pains. At $2000, it’s a hefty investment right now especially when we only have one bike path where it could work but if we move somewhere for residency that is flatter, it will definitely be on my list to add to our gym.

This sweepstakes is an awesome opportunity to win both an ElliptiGO and a new pair of Skechers GoRuns and would definitely upgrade your spring training!

Have you tried an ElliptiGO? What’s your favorite cross training tool?

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