Week in Review 2.29.16 to 3.6.16

It’s always easier to accept a low mileage week when you anticipate it. With the State Championships this week, plus a full week on the wards and a rapidly approaching shelf exam, my frame of mind this week was that any run was a good run. Plus, the boys won the State Championship with an incredible 49 points (40 points is a perfect score) and I got to announce my big shoe news so it’s hard to be disappointed with anything else this week.

Monday: 5 mile recovery run. Chest and back for lifting. (154 miles for February)

Tuesday: 6 mile steady state run. Warmed up for 10 minutes, then 30 minutes at steady state (effectively marathon pace), cool down to 6 minutes.

Wednesday: Off day. Running around trying to prep for the second half of the State Meet.

Thursday: 4 miles early before leaving for States. Biceps and triceps.

Friday: 100% wiped. Survived the day then went to bed at 7 pm.

Saturday: 7 mile interval workout with 5 by 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. Legs after.

Sunday: 7 mile recovery run plus striders. Wanted to run long but was wiped and sluggish and didn’t think I would get a lot out of struggling for 5 more miles.

Total Miles 29.2

Now that I’ve (almost) survived my medicine rotation, it’s time to get my butt in gear training wise. I’ve done some good early season workouts but want to start looking forward to my week in California and my half in early May. I won’t be going for a PR (obviously), but would like to compete for the win and in my optimal world, run around 6:25 pace. I also need to start getting in more time on the trails as I prepare for the New England Championships in April. Unfortunately, the snowshoe race next weekend looks like it will be a scratch as weather will be in the 60s this week and we didn’t have much snow to begin with.

For the coming week, I’ll be aiming for 45 miles with a wave tempo and hill workout plus a 12 mile long run. Then it’s off to San Diego, where I’ll alternate between workouts on the Silver Strand and lots of minutes in Balboa Park and hopefully Miramar Reservoir if I can swing it.

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