Week in Review 3.14.16 to 3.20.16

A rare, photo-filled training week!

Flight was delayed, so I got to enjoy a glass of wine at the bar with NCAA Indoor Track action on!

Monday: First run in San Diego! 7.5 easy miles around Coronado with 300 abs afterward. Official start of my racer back tan 2016…

Got roped into watching the finale of the Bachelor (Team JoJo) and found out that almond champagne is incredible!

Tuesday: Tempo Tuesdays. 4 by mile at T pace which turned out to be 6:29, 6:35, 6:33 and 6:32. My goal was to run a true tempo paced effort and just remember what it was like to do a workout outside. The effort felt spot on, my only struggle was my mental focus.

To La Jolla to see the seals! Cutest creatures on earth.

Wednesday: 8 mile recovery run. Arms afterward.

Hard to see, but this is the shipwreck of the SS Monte Carlo, a prohibition era party ship that was shipwrecked in 1937. El Nino has made it even more visible this year at low tide. (I had to run home to get my camera and the tides rolled in…)

Thursday: Intended to do a track workout but found out that the Coronado High School track isn’t open to the public. Ended up being fine as I was pretty wiped and not up for a formal workout anyway. Did an 8 mile fartlek followed by legs instead.

On our way to the theater (when we actually had to run from Ferry Landing through Gaslamp), I made Suzanne stop to get a picture of me in front of the Skechers store.

Friday: Really finished off my racer back tan on this one! Headed out for what was supposed to be a 14 mile long run, 7 out and back. Naturally, I took a hard fall at mile 5.5. I wasn’t too scraped up but tweaked my hamstring and was generally stiff so I decided to just do 12 instead.

It turns out that leaving the gravel in is far more comfortable than taking it out.

Saturday: After one of the worst redeye flights I can remember and a quick nap, Will and I headed to Red Rocks Park to get in 4 recovery miles in my new GoTrail Ultra 3s.  The shoes were great but my body was feeling the travel and the fall big time.

Sunday: Tough call for me, but I decided to take this as a rest day. I had such an incredible training week and really wanted to get another 8 in to make it 55 but the reality is, I couldn’t sleep last night because I am so sore from falling and it makes no sense to go into the next week wiped out.

Total Miles: 48

Despite the rough end, I am really psyched with how this training week ended. I got lots of great outdoor running in, had a positive first “real” workout and am looking forward to the training ahead as soon as I catch up on sleep!

Never a dull moment in our lives, I head to Norwalk, CT on Wednesday for 7 weeks. It looks (slightly) better than Lewiston for running but it’s still not optimal. I mapped out some easy routes and there’s a gym in the apartment complex but I suspect it’s going to take some creativity to get runs in. I’m looking forward to exploring Mianus River Park and Rockefeller State Park on the weekends for long runs and trail runs and to getting up to Cranbury Park in the afternoons for easy second runs.


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