Week in Review 3.7.16 to 3.13.16

Monday: 6 miles easy. Chest and back.

Tuesday: 7 miles with 15 minutes at tempo pace plus legs. Super wiped out.

Wednesday: 6.6 miles outside in the 65 degree weather. A mile of striders on the track at the end.

Thursday: 6.2 miles with 6 by 30 seconds hard up Bum Hill. Felt smoother than I expected to.

Friday: 3.5 mile recovery run. Most proud of this run because I did NOT want to be out there and challenged myself to just do it. Biceps and triceps.

Saturday: 7.7 mile run in the wind with Joe.

Sunday: 12.2 mile long run, clipping along at 7:10 pace that felt like nothing. Psyched. Starting to feel fit.

Total Miles 49.2

Glimpses of hope from this week!! Psyched to have a strong long run and two workouts and excited for the opportunity to just train next week. Fitness comes in fits and spurts and I guess this was just a spurt week.

On the docket for next week? Tempo miles, a longer long run, lots of trail miles and a return to the track for 400s. I won’t be posting on the blog while I’m in California, but I will be on my Instagram  posting training updates and pictures from beautiful San Diego.

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