What Runners Do In Strange Towns

As told by my actual Google searches over the past week…

-Runs in Norwalk, Connecticut

-Trails in Norwalk, Connecticut

-Bike Paths in Norwalk, Connecticut

-Google Maps Pedometer

-Running stores near Norwalk

-Bike paths ANYWHERE in Connecticut

-Running groups Connecticut

-How far is Central Park from Norwalk

-Where do I get wine in Connecticut?


I’m setting in down here and found a lovely 8 mile route with lots of options to add on that takes me by the ocean. The sidewalks are in disrepair so I’m being particularly careful about footing as my hand STILL has gravel in it and traffic doesn’t so much yield to pedestrians but I’m making it work. Next step is to get back into a rhythm that allows me to get to bed early enough to do my first run in the morning (I’ve been up late trying to get organized for a new place, grocery shopping etc) and get a second easy run and lift in after work. The big goal this weekend? Find a place to get 14 miles in…

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