Week in Review 3.28.16 to 4.3.16

201.9 miles for March, my first time over 200 since October.

Monday: 6 miles on trails for recovery.

Tuesday: Off day, prorated at 7 miles.

Wednesday: 9.5 mile tempo workout. Warmup then 3 miles continuous at tempo. Pretty windy but felt good once I was rolling. Legs afterward.

Thursday: 3.35 miles on the treadmill. Not what I wanted but serious traffic driving to JFK to pick up Will.

Friday: 6 miles at Mianus with Will.

Saturday: Super tough trail workout at Cranbury Park. 8 miles with 5 by (1 min hard, 1 min easy, 30 sec hard, 30 sec easy). Legs gassed but good to force them to work.

Sunday: 10 miles at Mianus.

Total Miles 49.9

4/6 runs were on trails this week, leaving my legs very trail tired this afternoon. Despite that, it was a good week of work and I’m encouraged that I’m getting better at seeing lines on trails and moving with confidence over technical sections. I don’t know what to expect next weekend (and that’s okay with me), but I feel better going into it with 4+ hours of trail work this week.

My goals for next weekend are pretty simple: finish, get in an hour plus at a good effort and try to race the people around me. I’m not setting a time goal since I have no idea how the course sets up other than it is flat for the first three, hilly for 4 then flat for three again (out and back). I also don’t know how muddy it might be there.

I will do a mini-taper this week since I’m due for an adaptation week anyway. Besides a tempo effort on Tuesday and turning Saturday into a long run, I’ll be taking things pretty easy which should (theoretically) allow me to catch up on some work!

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