Never A Dull Moment

The fourth year of medical school is a magical time. After three years of almost no control over our schedules, fourth year arrives and for 365 short days, the world is ours. Our requirements are more like guidelines and what we do with our time is dictated by our interests, our passions and our level of motivation to get things organized. For me, building a strong foundation for residency is a priority. This means that over the next year, I’ll be challenging myself to build skills in and out of the OR and getting out of my comfort zone while I’m still buffered by the title of student doctor. I didn’t intend to include getting out of Burlington as part of getting out of my comfort zone but as it turns out, it’s important to “audition” at programs where you think you might want to be for the next 4 to 7 years. As such, I’ll be a wandering runner for the next 8 weeks (and again in January)…

In mid June, I’m off to the Windy City for four weeks of Emergency Medicine. I’ve never been to Chicago besides stopping through the airport but am excited to run along Lake Michigan and closer to where I’ll be working, along the John Husar Canal Trail. Because it’s an Emergency Medicine elective, it’s shifted work so I should have plenty of time to get good training in and am excited to work on my summer base in a new place.

In mid July, I’m headed up…to 2000 feet in Asheville, North Carolina for an elective in Acute Care Surgery. I am beyond excited for this opportunity as it is a brand new residency program and may well be where I land for the next 5 years. Running will be more difficult to fit in here around the OR schedule but I’m hoping to enjoy the trails around Asheville (and hopefully even Boone) on my days off.

Despite the fact that it takes a huge amount of logistical energy to pull this off, I’m so excited to check out programs in new places and get the opportunity to run on some of the most beautiful bike paths, trails and roads that the US has to offer.

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