Product Review and Giveaway: Chafe Zone and Blister Zone Skin Protectant

These products were provided to me for no cost from the MedZone company. The opinions below are my own. 

It’s chafing season. I’ve run through many summers and am no stranger to those days when you forget to do chafing prevention and then pay for it within a couple miles. Just last weekend, I wore a tank top for the first time this season and completely forgot that the neckline rips my skin up. As a result, I’ve had to avoid v-neck shirts all week to hide my battle scars.

When Joe from MedZone reached out to me in April about their line of products, my question was a classic one that gets asked in lots of pharmacology trials: what’s the difference between this product and a well-established product (in this case, Body Glide). Joe was very diplomatic about things and said that the products would speak for themselves. As such, I approached trying the arsenal of MedZone products as a “non-inferiority” trial compared to Body Glide, a product I’ve used for years.

Chafe Zone

In short, Chafe Zone is non-inferior to Body Glide and I mean that in the best way. For the past 6 weeks, I’ve kept my stick of Chafe Zone in the bathroom where I throw my running clothes on and have used it religiously. It’s easy to apply (deodorant style stick) and is translucent but thick enough to see where you’ve applied. Unlike Body Glide, Chafe Zone has a subtle scent which I actually really enjoyed. In terms of function, I had zero chafing incidents and we had some hot, sweaty days that would have been prime opportunities. My only observation with Chafe Zone is that it really stays on, even through a shower with scrubbing! This is a good thing if you’re a really heavy sweater but I did have a couple days where I wished it came off a tiny bit easier. This is where Chafe Zone stands out to me. It was designed first for military and tactical use and it is a formidable product that can go as long as you need it to without reapplication. 

Blister Zone

Blister Zone was harder to evaluate. Knock on wood, blisters have never been an issue for me although spikes tear my heels up. Ironically, I got my first blister in a long time during the Plattsburgh Half and was kicking myself that I didn’t use Blister Zone. Since then, I’ve used Blister Zone to protect that area as it has healed back up. Although it’s not the preferred order of operations, it has worked to keep the skin from opening back up. Given how well the Chafe Zone worked for me, I imagine that Blister Zone would work similarly well for blister-prone folks and Will has been using it on his hands under gloves while doing trail building this Spring.

Pain Zone

Finally, PainZone: This product comes in single use packages but also comes in a roller and is a less viscous version of other muscle rubs. Close to a liquid in consistency, it also contains 3% camphor for pain relief. I’ve been using it on Will’s right shoulder (he recently tore his labrum falling on a run) and he says that although the pain relief is nice, the best part is that the consistency of the gel allows for good muscle glide without any painful friction or pinching. This would definitely have been a product I wanted around for scar massage after surgery and we’re buying a stick for our house as Will awaits surgery later this summer.

In addition to providing me product to review, MedZone also offered three MedZone gift packs to giveaway to readers! I’ll pick three people by next Sunday (6/12/16) at 5 pm EST. There are three ways to enter*:

  1. Leave a comment about your worst chafing experience and picture of the carnage if you’re really brave.
  2. Post a picture of a chafing nightmare on Instagram and tag me (@runswatrun) and @goMedZone
  3. Share this post on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (maximum of 1 entry for this option) and tag me and @goMedZone or send me a screenshot of your Facebook post.

*Maximum of three entries per person.

2 thoughts on “Product Review and Giveaway: Chafe Zone and Blister Zone Skin Protectant

  1. Michelle B

    During my first half marathon, I thought I’d put enough body glide everywhere but I forgot to factor in my brand new running armband. I shoulda listened to the adage “Nothing new on race day.” I got a nice thin blistet the entire length of the band. It was there for a few weeks after. Man did that hurt….

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      OUCH! That area of the arm is SO tender on the best of days, let alone when it gets rubbed raw for 13.1 miles. Thanks for sharing…and you’re right, nothing new on race day which I STILL occasionally struggle with.


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