Week in Review 6.13.16 to 6.19.16

As though the delay on this post wasn’t enough of an indication, this past week has been a flipping whirlwind. I finished my rotation at Central Vermont, drove to Chicago and then 24 hours after arriving there, flew to Burlington and back to Chicago in less than 17 hours. And somehow ran every day…

Monday: 10 miles around Berlin Pond. Still feeling the weekend big time.

Tuesday: Second week of continuous tempo at the Tuesday Night Fun Run. Super windy but came in at 26:45, which was close to last week’s time but with a faster closing mile. 9 miles total.

Wednesday: 7 slow, ploddy miles plus strides and hipcore.

Thursday: 8.8 miles around Berlin Pond.

Friday: Mixed bag workout. Warmed up, 4 laps of ins and outs then 4 by 200 hard on the road. 6.25 miles total.

Saturday: 4 super hot miles when we got to Chagrin Falls.

Sunday: 6 miles in Chagrin before church/driving.

Total Miles: 51.1

Struggling to get my long runs in lately but hoping 10 is good enough to get me through the half later this month. My schedule is wacky going forward but planned out so I can hopefully get into a bit of a routine for the next couple of weeks. I have begun to explore the trails and bike paths around southwest Chicago and so far, it’s a beautiful (albeit a bit flat) place to run. I also found an incredibly reasonable local gym that offers BodyPump, which is one of my all time favorite strength classes so I’m hoping to be able to make it there at least twice a week.

6 thoughts on “Week in Review 6.13.16 to 6.19.16

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Unfortunately, RockNRoll Chicago is less than a month away! I think my issue is more schedule than anything; I’ve been in major transition for the past year and it’s hard to get into a groove. For Chicago, I’d just like to post a well executed race but would be happy to be under 1:23. With the heat and summer training, this would make me feel good going into the fall.

        1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

          Agreed! I think it will just depend on the heat, although the race starts at 6:30 which is a good thing.

  1. foxrunsfast

    I’m a BodyPump instructor so I’m certainly biased – but I agree that it’s an awesome strength class! I’m impressed that you’ve been able to get in so much running (both quality and quantity) with your crazy schedule – that’s really awesome. Hope you have an awesome race!

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Thanks Jen! I feel like I’ve been such a huge slacker for the last few months but this week has been great so I’m trying to stay positive. Amazing that I used to run half marathons on much less training…


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