Week in Review 7.11.16 to 7.17.16

This week has been an utter whirlwind. Finished in Chicago, ran a half, drove to Charlotte, got stuck in an airport for 14 hours and finally got back to Vermont. 

Monday: 2 by mile at T pace (6:25, 6:24) then 4 x 200 hard. Sweltering heat, the kind that makes the lines on the track blur. 6.1 miles.

Tuesday: 4 mile recovery run. Arms and core after.

Wednesday: Off Day.

Thursday: Quick interval workout of 2 by 400, 2 by 200. Super humid and hot but good prep for Sunday. 5 miles.

Friday: 4 miles easy.

Saturday: 2.5 miles easy.

Sunday: RockNRoll Chicago Half Marathon. 1:26:48 and 16 miles total on the day.

Total Miles: 37.6

I’ll write a full race report soon (probably next week after I get to Asheville and get through this next set of boards) but RockNRoll was not quite what I wanted it to be. It did serve as a good fitness test and will certainly propel me forward but it was frustrating to yet again find myself totally comfortable in the 6:30s with no real ability to pick it up from there.

The next two weeks will be pretty low-key from a training perspective for a few reasons. First, I need a small break from running and to evaluate what pieces of my training need to change. My reaction to a crappy race is always the same: one half of me wants to quit and never run again and the other half is angry and just wants to hammer harder. It’s fine to hammer but I need to take some time to figure out how to hammer smarter. Second, I have another set of medical boards next weekend that crept up on me. This test isn’t quite as big as Step 1 but it’s not one that I can blow off either so I’m spending most of my time studying for that and just keeping active for maintenance. Finally, I’m starting up in Asheville on Sunday and as it always is in a new place, it’s hard to know how the schedule will work.

3 thoughts on “Week in Review 7.11.16 to 7.17.16

  1. Ellie

    Still a solid performance even if it did not reveal your true fitness. How did you like RnR? I want to do one, but I’ve heard mixed things about them. Do you think you could hold 6:30s for longer? Maybe a marathon would be appropriate. 6:30s would put you sub-3
    Just throwing it out there 🙂

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      My experience with RnR has been mixed but this one was flawless. Great organization, super easy to get in and out, use a bathroom etc. My experiences in other cities have not been as smooth so I tend to anticipate some pre-race chaos at these events. As for the sub3, I’ve run under 3 a few times (2:54 PR) so am definitely geared that way. Would just like to get a little faster at my half (PR is 1:21) before going back to the full in Houston.

      1. Ellie

        WOW! Sorry for the uneducated suggestion. I did not mean to diminish your accomplishments. Please forgive me! Sub-3 is AMAZING! I am currently trying to lower my half PR too. I think it is wise for me to focus on that now, and marathons in a few years.


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