Week in Review 7.4.16 to 7.10.16

Hard to believe my time in Chicago is coming to an end already! This week was a bit Dickensian with both the best and worst workout of this training cycle.


Monday: Horrible workout. It was hot, my legs were exhausted and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get into my heart rate range for tempo because my legs were so tired. To top it off, my right foot went numb so I spent my cooldown panicking that I’ll need surgery on that side soon. 2 by 2 mile at tempo pace, 9 miles total.

Tuesday: 8 mile recovery run.

Wednesday: Conference plus shift = not a ton of time to run. 5 miles after work with strides on the track. Saw fireflies as I was finishing up!

Thursday: Unplanned off day. With horrible weather (violent thunderstorms) and my legs feeling really punky, I decided that a little rest was better than forcing out a workout. Prorated 7.

Friday: (Inexplicably) fantastic workout! 85 degrees and humid on a black track, yet the best workout of this mini-cycle. 1 mile at tempo pace, jogged lap, 4 by 400 at interval pace (5:35 ish), jogged lap then 4 by 200 at repetition pace (5:00 ish). 9 miles total.

Cooked, but worth it.

Cooked, but worth it.

Saturday: Long run along Lake Michigan on the Lakefront Path. Definitely crazy crowded at times but what an incredible resource! 13.1 miles because my running partner insisted on the extra point 1…

Sunday: Taper begins! Easy 30 minutes around the neighborhood plus 2 laps of strides. Legs tired from the Friday/Saturday combo.

Total Miles: 55.3

Happy to finally reach a down week since my last real one was in May. I’m glad to be going into the half with some decent training on my legs but also incredibly grateful that my body held together without an adaptation week. I don’t like to push it around such things and will take this week very easy with a 50% taper and some finger crossing that my legs respond.

Right now, race day weather is looking grim with a capital G, calling for humid and 85 with a dewpoint in the 70s. Thankfully the race starts early (6:30 am), so we’ll avoid direct light. The trade off, of course, is that it’s often most humid in the morning. My goals are pretty loose given that summer races depend almost entirely on weather but am hoping to a) run faster than Plattsburgh (1:26) and b) would really like to be in the 1:23 range going into fall training. Since I’ll be heading to Asheville and altitude next week, I’ll be back in basetraining mode and a 1:23 would be a nice marker before heading up and slowing down.

6 thoughts on “Week in Review 7.4.16 to 7.10.16

  1. DG

    I think you may have explained this before, but could you describe what you mean by prorated and why you do it? Not trying to be snarky, just generally curious! Nice work in the heat…good luck with the taper and race!

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Off days are prorated because the body responds to the day to day load. That is, your legs don’t know that it’s Monday and thus a new training week. When I’m planning out my schedule, off days get included in the total for the week so that I don’t lose track in a week and end up running more day to day volume than planned for the week. Last week was weird because that wasn’t a scheduled off day and I actually debated prorating it. In a normal week, if I usually run 60 miles, my daily load is 8.5. This varies day to day because I run a little longer on workout days and a little shorter on recovery days but the average load over 7 days is 8.5. If I have an off day scheduled for a week but still run 60 miles, my day to day load increases to 10 miles a day and my body misses the benefit of a day off. Obviously one could just do 51.5 miles that week and just keep track of which weeks are cutback weeks (every 4th week for me) and which weeks just incidentally have an off day but this is how I keep it all straight and try to make sure my training is cycled correctly. Not sure if this makes it more or less confusing!! The other note is that if you took a planned off day each week, you likely wouldn’t prorate because you always have that off day built in. I just happen to only take a day off every other week (usually, the last year has been weird). Hang on to your hat as I am considering flipping to a 10 day cycle soon 😉

  2. foxrunsfast

    Just wanted to stop in and wish you good luck on the race!! Sounds like this was a solid training week and you were able to make it work with the weather/schedule, etc. Well done!! Looking forward to hearing about how you kicked butt at your upcoming race 🙂

  3. Ellie

    Good luck with the race. I think the repetitions you did are a great sign of solid fitness. I look forward to hearing about your success 🙂


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