Product Review: Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Protein Bar

After my scathing review of the Soleus watch last week, I figured I’d better redeem myself with a far more positive post. As I shared earlier this year, I was lucky to join the Honey Stinger hive earlier this year and I do get a discount on their goods. Beyond that, this is not a sponsored post and I’m not getting any additional compensation.

Anyway, as I’m back on the wards now (on late call today which means anything from a 6:30 to a 10 pm departure from the hospital. Blech), I wanted to find some snacks that were easy to stash in my coat or pockets but offered some nutritional staying power. When I found out that Honey Stinger made protein bars, I ordered a box of Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond but prepared myself that I might not like them. I tend to find protein bars too chalky for my taste or way too much for a simple snack. I can’t do the meal replacement bar thing; my brain demands “real” food so if I eat a 500 calorie protein bar, I’m still hungry for dinner.

Simply put, these are fricken delicious. Like, really, really good. They don’t taste fake at all and the combination of chocolate, cherry and almond feels way more like a candy bar than a protein bar. I’ve thrown them in every bag and coat I own and made it through some crazy days of early morning run to wards to nordic practice to the alpine hill thanks to these bars.

Nutritionally speaking, they are a great balance of fats (8 g), proteins (10 g) and carbs (19 g) in a 180 calorie package. Because of this, they are a versatile choice for pre or post workout or a snack between meals. Right now, I’m primarily using them as an afternoon snack to get me through practice and to dinner. I can see myself using them as a quick breakfast in a pinch, however, paired with a piece of fruit and bottle of Nuun.

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