Product Review: Powerlift Tight

I was recently at an interview where the Program Director commented that I was not the person he expected to be the tallest based on our pictures. At 5’10” in flat feet, I am way over 6′ when I’m in my interview shoes and am almost always the tallest woman in the room. All of that height, however, is in my limbs. My torso is short and in a chair, you can never tell how tall I am. As great as long legs are for running, skiing and hiking however, finding running tights that fit is a perpetual pain. If they are long enough to reach my ankle bone, they are falling off the top and if they fit the top, well, I’m on trend for the 7/8th tight.

Regardless, I have a closet full of “close enough” tights but really wanted a pair that was long enough AND warm enough for most winter running days. I don’t run outside below zero because of my hands but I’m generally happy outside otherwise. I checked out Athleta*** because I heard that they made tall tights. Imagine my happiness, however, when I found out that even their regular tights are long! (29″ inseam versus 26 to 27 on most normal tights). I tried on their Powerlift Tight and was instantly impressed. The small regular was both long enough, incredibly comfortable and warm. I think the small long would have been slightly better but they didn’t carry it in store and I was completely happy with the fit of the regular.

To be clear, not me. Just the tights that I bought.

I put them to the test almost immediately in Kalamazoo but they are WAY too warm for 30 degree temperatures. When I was in Minneapolis and it was barely above zero, however, I was warm and happy in just one layer of tights. I have worn them for many runs here, regularly nordic ski in them and also have them on under my downhill ski pants. They hold their shape through many days of activity, are extremely warm and best of all, actually hit my ankle bones. I also bought a pair for my six foot tall aunt who lives up in Northern Maine and she is raving about them as well.

The bonus of these tights are that they come with two well-made pockets on the side of the tights that hold keys, phone or anything else bounce free. They also feature a thick waistband so that you can tuck a shirt in for winter-proofing. Unlike some tights, they also allow for almost unrestricted movement which makes them useful for outdoor winter workouts.

At $98 (although now on sale for $78), these are not a small investment but if you are a cold weather sports person, I can’t recommend them enough. I plan to invest in another pair of lighter tights from them for mid-range temperatures and toss out the rest of my “almost” tights.

***All on my own, I received no compensation of any sort for this review.

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