Week in Review: 10.1.18 to 10.7.18

First cutback week in a while, which was much needed. Per usual, I spent the first few days of my cutback week feeling awful. This was exacerbated by a flu shot that wiped me out (no regrets, better than the actual flu!). By the end of the week, however, I was feeling rested and ready to tackle a full volume week. Last push towards Savannah!

Monday: 25 minutes easy plus arms. (Still on the online video train, btw. This was the one I did this week.)

Tuesday: Hill workout. Warmed up for 20 minutes then 6 by 45 second hills hard. Cooldown after for total of 45 minutes. Legs after.

Wednesday: 25 minutes easy plus PT. Moving into the part of PT where I am recovered enough to remember how terrible my balance is…

Thursday: Planned rest day.

Friday: Early, early morning workout. Fridays are always pandemonium and I had a concert on Friday night, so figured 3:15 am was safer than pretending I’d get it in after work. Progression run on the treadmill ending with 10 minutes continuous at tempo pace. Kettlebell legs after with the curtsey lunges that always kill me.

Saturday: 25 minutes easy on sore, sore legs courtesy of above.

Sunday: Easy 60 minute run plus striders and core.

Total Miles: 25