Race Report: Rock’n’Roll Savannah 2019

I could have just uploaded this picture to capture the day, but I figured my first post-partum race (and run over 5 miles…) deserved a few more words of reflection.

When I first registered for Savannah right after the half last year, I registered for the full with the intent of going for my OTQ. Once I got pregnant, I downgraded to the half but a few week after having Oliver, it was very clear that a half marathon 2.5 months post-partum wasn’t going to be a good idea. My friends were still in for the half, so I figured I would just start with them and step off when I got to the end of what felt comfortable. Two days before the race, one of my besties texted and asked if I would do the relay and I texted back “YESSSSS I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK.” Turns out, the half relay was perfect.

Just as it was last year, the weather was perfect. This is a bit hilarious because for the two weeks leading up to the race, my phone was calling for 80s and thunderstorms while all of my friends’ phones said 40s and dry. Even on race morning, my phone showed this dismal forecast. Oh Apple…anyway, race morning was cool and perfect for running.

KC ran the whole thing, badass mama that she is, while Emmy and I split the half. Emmy ran first and then passed KC off to me at the halfway point. As a side note, both of these women have been running A LOT lately, and often pushing strollers, so they are fittttttt. I, on the other hand, came into the race with my longest run of 5 miles (once) and a handful of 2 to 3 mile runs. Not. fit.

Anyway, we started out and I had some very nervous thoughts as the pace (8:30ish) felt very aggressive compared to the 10 minute pace I’d been running for most of my other runs. Race-me kicked in, however, and I was able to chomp through the miles and hold on to that pace. I also had the opportunity to do some things like chug a bit of beer in one of the rowdier neighborhoods! Around 10, KC started to feel the miles so I decided to try to pull her along. We pressed forward and for mile 12, gave it what we had left. Emmy met us at the finish (relay teams reunited here) and we all pushed forward for the epic race photo above! My time was 54:54 for 6.7 miles-ish (8:26 pace), which may not sound like much for someone who has run 2:54 in the marathon, but I was THRILLED with the effort. I was equally thrilled that I made the decision not to force the half marathon.

Next big race up is Rock’N’Roll New Orleans! I’m registered for the half and hoping to get into shape for it but if not, I’ll move down to the 10K. Flexibility is my new motherhood running mantra…