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Everything Is Extraordinary

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. 

I don’t know what my problem was on Monday. The Heels won on Sunday night, taking us to the Final Four. I had a great weekend full of sunshine and amazing runs. But whatever my problem was, I woke up on Monday to driving rain and wind and I was grumpy from minute 1. I stormed around the apartment getting ready for work. I stormed (internally) around the hospital all day with more consults than we had time for. I barked at an ED doc who called with a ridiculous consult. By the time I was done on Monday, I had whipped myself into a full on tizzy. (Is that a word that only my grandmother used? That happens not infrequently to me…)

I had previously planned to head back to Mianus River Park so when I got home, I grabbed my trail shoes and threw on running clothes. My shoulders were up by my ears and I spent the whole drive convincing myself that the trails would be soaked from the rain, that I should quit medicine because it’s so f****** frustrating sometimes and on and on. Whew.

Then I got to Mianus. I got out of the car, I shed my top layer because the sun had come out and it was warm and I ran. And ran. The trails weren’t too muddy or slippery. The park was quiet save for a few peepers and birds. My shoulders relaxed. I zoned out and worked on trail running technique. Minutes passed and the weight of the day, unidentified as it was, lifted. By the time I got back to my car, I felt human again. Ashamed of my day long grumpiness, but human.

Don't mind the storm clouds floating over Fairfield County...

Don’t mind the storm clouds floating over Fairfield County…

For me, running can lift the weight off my shoulders, even on the worst days. The ability to pink my cheeks and make me feel like I can handle anything, so long as I have my running shoes. For that alone, I should be eternally grateful but sometimes I just plain forget how good I have it.

How long can you stay grumpy on a run? Anyone else prone to storm cloud days?

10 Minute Run, Part II

Yesterday I went out for another 10 minute run test and it didn’t go well.  Every day the pain in my Plantar gets better and better so I was expecting some sort of progress on the run especially since it had been four days since I last ran for 10 minutes.  But no, it felt exactly like last time.  I was instantly bummed and considered stopping after two minutes and giving up, plus it was pitch black (had to get up and be at the gym at 5am to be back home in time to help the kids get off to school) and it was raining outside (hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Vermont) and add to the fact that I was running this little 3 min loop near the gym and a good third of the loop ran along this garbage truck storage place and I could practically taste the garbage ooze each time I went by.  Could things actually get any more bleak?

Wahhhh I Miss Running

I’m having a tough week and am really missing running.  My sadness started yesterday when Brian gave me the workout forecast for the week which included a 10 minute run test on Thursday and nothing before that and what looks like now a very slow progression back to decent mileage.

What’s hard to take is last week he gave me the option to go for a 3 mile run to test out the PF and said that a lot of runners choose to run through the pain.  Coach Jess and I decided to hold off on the run which I totally agree was the best decision, but now I’m faced with only 10 minutes this week and this after I was a goodie two shoes all weekend trying to stay off my feet and rehabbing the foot as much as possible.

10 minutes, let’s see I’ll probably not need to bring my fuel belt and although I don’t usually run with music, maybe I should for this one with the challenging being which 2-3 songs to I pick for this epic journey?  Do I go with something slow and mellow to remind me to be patient and take things easy or do I go with something energetic to motivate myself of better days and longer runs to come?  The ideal scenario would be to spend an hour or two finding that perfect mix but ignore the fact that my MP3 battery is almost dead cause I’ve not used it in weeks, then go for the 10er (10er not being short for 10 miler, but for 10 minutes) only to have the battery die in the middle of the first song.  I’m rocking the pessimism today!

Should I consider carb-ing up Wednesday night for my big 10er?  It should be pretty easy as given it’s 5% the distance or time of a decent LR.  That would translate into a single pasta noodle or a half dozen grains of rice.  And for my pre-race fuel instead of eating a banana, pb and honey maybe I’ll peel the banana like usual and only eat one of those long stringy things that come off which tastes like it’s made from 5% banana and 95% banana skin.  To stay in my routine I might take the pb out of the fridge open it up, put my nose near the opening take in a HUGE SNNIIIIFFFF, then close the top and put it away.  As far as the honey goes I’m thinking licking the outside of the honey pot for any residue of drops from past use might be allowable.

And I should be prepared as the sun is coming up later and later these days.  I know it’s only 10 minutes but when you add in a 5 min walking warm up and essential 5 min cool down walk the minutes can add up, I mean really 20 total minutes is 100% more than just 10 minutes and is 33% of an hour, so something definitely think about planning wise.  To get in this type of workout I might have to start in the pre-dawn hours which brings up the potential need for a head lamp for protection, although I’ll most likely be opting to not wear one in the hope a car takes me out to rid me of this misery.