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Week in Review 6.16.14 to 6.22.14 (In which I finished the first year of medical school)

Somehow the first year of medical school is done. It seems like just yesterday that Will and I were riding the bus in suits for the first day and overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead. But on Friday, we took our last exam and are now officially M2s. I expected to be thrilled to be done but instead find myself a little overwhelmed. I quipped earlier in the week that medical school is a lot like the marathon; you put an enormous amount of preparation into it and when you cross the finish line, there’s a little bit of a letdown as you lose the thing you’ve been focusing on for so long.

Regardless, we made it and I even manage to run quite a bit for a finals week.

Monday: Decided to be a grownup and aquajog for 75 minutes. Felt good and foot seems to be much happier.

Tuesday: 9.8 miles easy through the Fairgrounds.

Wednesday: 9.6 miles easy in Intervale and Ethan Allen Homestead.

Thursday: Planned off day. 8.6 prorated.

Friday: 9.4 miles with Will as our post-exam celebration. We’re weird.

Sunset on Friday night when I actually had time to go sailing post-exam!

Sunset on Friday night when I actually had time to go sailing post-exam!

Saturday: Unplanned off day. Just totally overwhelmed from the last week of school.

Sunday: 16 miles. Took it easy in the heat of the day but the foot feels good and my legs feel great.

It was a seriously warm long run; required some cold water sitting to bring my core temp down.

It was a seriously warm long run; required some cold water sitting to bring my core temp down.

Total: 62 miles

A little low on miles but my average daily miles were good. Looking forward to next week when I have time to do a morning and afternoon run plus all the extras. Bring on 8 weeks of living like a pro!

Week in Review: 4.14.14 to 4.20.14

Vacation is over. Le sigh. In a normal week, it takes forever for Friday to come. In vacation week, however, it was hear before I knew it. I accomplished 25% of what I meant to over break, failed to study for Wednesday’s test and now have a “normal” Sunday of frantically trying to get ready for the week. I did manage to get a massage this week and lots of good running.

Monday: Lifted (back and chest) at the gym then ran home. First few steps were awful and wasn’t sure the run was going to happen but things warmed up. 80 degrees out! Starting the shorts tan early…

Tuesday: Off day, prorated at 6.3 miles. Lifted arms.

Wednesday AM: 20 minute elliptical and legs.

Wednesday PM: 6.5 miles plus strides.

Thursday: 6 mile farlek. Intended to do 3 by 5 minutes at tempo effort but because the Intervale flooded, it ended up being more hodgepodge. Did sections at tempo and 4 all out hill repeats up my favorite hill. Massage in the afternoon.

Friday: 7.2 miles. Recovery run with heart rate monitor on, keeping it below 135.

Saturday: 7.66 miles. Previewed the Champlain Classic course with Will. It somehow doesn’t look as bad at bro pace…

Sunday: 12 miles. Long run with Kath, another beautiful day.

Total: 52.6 miles

Reflection: I’m starting to be more comfortable at this mileage and not waking up as sore, which is encouraging. Although my workout this week didn’t go as well (in part because I hadn’t thought it out), I was surprised to find that my interval and tempo efforts were yielding paces close to where I was before surgery. I certainly can’t do 16 mile steady state runs at that pace right now but it seems like I didn’t lose as much as thought.

For this coming week, the goal is to get two days of lifting in, two days of aquajogging extra, one workout and a PT session in. With school starting again and a new class, the goal is maintenance, not building. Mileage will stay right around 50. 2 weeks til the Classic!!

Week in Review: 3.24 to 3.30

Monday Afternoon: 6.1 miles

Monday Evening: 1 hour aquajog

Tuesday: 3.5 miles easy with strides

Wednesday: 8 mile threshold effort. Went with JoJo on her first tempo, but was happy to find that a faster pace (7:15s) felt good. Encouraging.

Thursday AM: 1 hour aquajog and legs. Added in single leg squats. Still sore typing this.

Thursday PM: 5.4 mile plod. Ready for an off day.

Friday: Off

Saturday: 13.5 miles, easy. In the new shoes. Here’s hoping I’m Cinderella.

Sunday: 3 miles easy and arms.

Total Mileage: 39 miles

Good week. Struggled with shoes and more on that later. Still not getting enough core in but a little better this week. Appetite was really off; no interest in eating Thursday, Friday or Saturday which is not like me. Happy to start getting in something other than a plod, so it’s time to step it up again. Adding in drills this week and yoga on Wednesday to see if I can get my hips to loosen up.


Week in Review 3.10 to 3.16

It was an inspiring weekend of racing, with Shalane Flanagan getting the AR in the 15K, great debuts at the NYC Half and lots of stellar performances at both D1 Indoor Champs and New Balance Indoor Nationals. Makes me want to get back out there and race! Here’s my workout week in review:

Monday AM: 3 mile run on the treadmill. Strength: Legs including step ups.

Monday PM: 45 mile recovery aquajog in the evening.

Tuesday: Off Day (I’m doing 3 days of running, 1 day off) with a walk home.

Wednesday: 3.3 mile run before the snowstorm

Thursday: 20 minute interval workout on the Elliptical. Strength: Upper Body

Friday AM: 60 minute aquajog

Friday PM: 4 mile run with some speed changes. Strength: Core

Saturday AM: 9.7 mile run through the slush and snow.

Saturday PM: 60 minute aquajog. Strength: Back

Sunday: 3 mile run easy.

Reflection: Runs felt good this week and I did a good job of getting in the gym to get my lifting in. Need to be better about core and about second workouts in the coming week. Until I’m back at normal mileage, aiming for either an hour of aquajogging or spin class most days of the week.

A Rare “Normal” Monday

It was an exam morning today (seriously, the day after spring forward…zzz) so I had a rare afternoon off to do whatever I wanted. I needed to do some housekeeping things but instead, I did what I would do if I lived a normal life instead of med school life. I went running and lifted, then got frozen yogurt and went shopping for some new running clothes (no Nike! Why? Because Salazar is a bully). Now I’m off to aquajog for an hour for my second workout of the day.




It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter, let alone a winter where I can’t run if I want to. Sure, I doubled in the pool on Wednesday and even jogged a few steps in the shallow end, but I’m far from in peak form. I even had to turn down an opportunity to pace at the Vermont City Marathon this week. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to pace a 3:15 in May and even if I am, I need to be careful about how much “quality junk” goes on legs I’m asking a lot of over the next year.

I badgered Will in the pool (it was his fault I had to double aquajog) about whether he thought the OTQ was insane. As the eternal pragmatist in our marriage, I expected him to tell me it was. Instead, he told me it seemed like the next logical step. I was both relieved and terrified to hear this. VCM was an epic disaster for me last year. I was ready to run a 2:50 with four weeks to go and then ended up with a sliding slope of injuries and pain associated with my foot and an atrocious weather day. With a new foot, a renewed dedication to lifting and functional strength and dialed nutrition, however, maybe it isn’t as insane a goal as it feels right now when a flight of stairs is a challenge.

So here’s how I get motivated to aquajog or bike: I want my name on this list for 2016, among other bucket list goals for my running career before I start formulating master’s goals.

The path between here and LA is a long one, but I’m excited to have something to pin in front of me, to drag me out of bed every morning and get me back to the gym for doubles.

Week of Workouts

Nothing suggests a return to normal like a week of workouts planned out. And nothing calms me like knowing what’s ahead. My second day at the gym went really well and even included some intervals and I’m tolerating walking in my boot, so it’s time to work on slowly rebuilding fitness, stability and strength.

Today: Nothing. It’s our annual MMU Nordic Pursuit and I’ll be on my feet all afternoon walking around the ski course. Staying upright and getting through the day will be a success.

Saturday: 45 minute upright bike (as opposed to the recumbent) and Arms.

Sunday: 45 minute bike and legs.

Monday: 30 minute aquajog (and prayers that I don’t drown trying to get in and out of the pool)

Tuesday: Rest Day/Exam Day

Wednesday: 30 minute bike and arms.

Thursday: 40 minute aquajog

It’s no 70 mile week, but it’s a nice start! Have a great weekend.