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Powdery Joy

Some shots from my weekend. Loving the arrival of winter (finally).

Sam Adams Seasonal, Alpine Spring

Beautiful powder at Bolton, falling fast while we skied through the woods.

The truck with the wax box didn't make it up the mountain, so I was stuck with red, meaning a whole lot of kick and no glide.

Happily covered in snow, reminding myself of the Campbell's soup kid ad from a few years ago.

Beer and Running

One of the benefits of running is that you can drink beer afterward. Ask anyone on the bus home from New Bedford last year; I excel not only at running, but also at beer. One of my favorite memories of the summer is basking on the hillside in Charlotte with a few of my favorite running ladies, all caked in mud as we sipped great summer beers after running the Equinox 10K.

So imagine my excitement when this list came out this week. I actually imbibed in a Schneider Weisse last weekend, which must explain a good week of running. I’m looking forward to checking out some of these other brews as well, in the name of running of course.

What’s your favorite post-run beverage?

Happy Weekend, all.