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Week in Review: 3.20.17 to 3.26.17

Monday: 5 mile workout, half power of my usual 5-4-3-2-1 fartlek. Legs felt pretty clunky. Lifted legs afterward.

Tuesday: 3.8 mile recovery run with the dogs.

Wednesday: 7 mile workout, 4 by 5 at tempo pace with 60 seconds between. Felt pretty good.

Thursday: 4.3 miles. Legs tired!

Friday: Hour of cross country skiing with the dogs; new snow and leaving for the weekend? Needed exhausted dogs.

Saturday: Travel to Asheville. Lots of walking but no run.

Sunday: 3 mile Asheville hill classic. Great to be back. Tons of walking as well.

Total Miles: 23.1

Lots of good news this week. First, I found a house!!!!!! My mom and I spent a busy 36 hours in Asheville looking for houses and by Sunday night, I found an amazing one. Interestingly, it was the smallest one I looked at but it used the space well, has a perfect location and is a great setup for dogs. One of other parameters I used to evaluate places was ability to run. Although the new house sits on top of a hill (it’s Ridge Street, after all), it has great access to all sorts of running and even a greenway that is under construction.

Second, I’m cleared to lift and workout fully (as tolerated). I saw my fabulous breast surgeon yesterday and she cleared me for all exercise AND the surgical pathology confirmed that I had a sclerosing papilloma which means that it was a benign tumor. All great news.

This week, I’m back to reality. As I said last week, Unplugged has gone from a race to a supported workout for me so I’m training through it. I have a combination workout on the schedule for tonight and a long run planned for Saturday. In between will be easy workouts, just trying to get a base underneath me.


Week in Review 3.13.17 to 3.19.17

Monday: 2 miles easy. Downhill skied.

Tuesday: 2.5 miles easy. Downhill skied again as Stella rolled in. Shoveled the first foot of snow in the evening.

Wednesday: Shoveled the second foot of snow (and the next 6 inches). Downhill skied in the most amazing powder ever.

Thursday: 3 mile run easy.

Friday: Match Day!

Saturday: 45 minute nordic ski at Catamount.

Sunday: 5.75 mile run outdoors.

Total Miles: 13.2

The first big news is that we Matched!!! We will be heading to Asheville NC and Greenville SC for our General Surgery and Emergency Medicine residencies respectively. We were incredibly lucky to interview at a whole host of amazing institutions and are looking forward to starting our careers in the Blue Ridge.

To see just how excited I was, here’s a great video my friend Jack got of the whole shebang:

We also got an INCREDIBLE snowstorm on Tuesday and Wednesday that dropped 30 inches on Burlington and an insane 58 inches at Bolton Valley, which is where I am lucky enough to have my pass. I spent the first three days of the week bombing around on my skis and Wednesday was easily the best day of skiing of my entire life.

I was also able to start doing some easy running this week. I was doing well and excited to get back to normal running…and then my steri-strips fell off which leaves my incision in direct contact with my sports bra. I did finally get 6 miles outdoors in today and although I felt 100% out of shape, it was good to get out there.

One of the nicest things about knowing where I’ll be for residency is being able to plan upcoming races! I now have my schedule set through June and have even been doing some longer range planning for my fall sub 2:50 marathon.

For this week, I’m trying to get back into regular training while also listening to my body. At this point, it’s clear that Unplugged is going to be a training run but I’m hoping to set myself up such that it can be a great workout as well.

Week in Review: 3.6.17 to 3.12.17

Monday: I didn’t have high expectations for this run. I’d been sick and expected to basically survive this. Instead, I had a darn good run! Warmed up then 2 by 2 mile at tempo pace on the track. First set was 6:32 pace, second set was 6:23 pace. Both felt totally in control.

Tuesday: Surgery Day. Didn’t do much besides sleep in the OR, sleep in PACU and sleep on my couch.

Wednesday: Back to class. Short walk with the dogs.

Thursday: Light arm lift with resistance band workout from here.

Friday: Hour walk in the woods with the dogs.

Saturday: 20 minute uphill (10% grade) walk on the treadmill and at-home Barre routine from here. 

Sunday: 20 minute jog on treadmill. Light arms and legs.

Total Miles: 10.3

I had no expectations that this week would be a big one for running. My hope was that I could get a little physical activity in for sanity and heal up so I can get back running soon. I attempted to run on Saturday but a few steps in, knew that it was too soon and settled for an uphill treadmill walk. Today, I was able to do an easy jog.

My restrictions are 1) no strenuous activity and 2) no lifting anything heavier than a milk carton. The latter is pretty objective, the former not so much. What is strenuous? For me, a jog isn’t technically strenuous but perhaps it is on a new scar. I chose (and this is NOT medical advice) to let pain or discomfort be my guide. If anything felt off, I had to stop doing it. I’ll continue that plan through this week. Suffice to say that New Bedford looks to be out of the question. I’m adding some other local races, however, in hopes that I’ll heal quickly enough for those.

There have been two major upsides from this week, however, besides the obvious of a safe, successful surgery. The first is that since I haven’t been running, I’ve had a ton of time to deal with my to-do list. I’m psyched to say that today, I finished a first draft of my manuscript and that by Tuesday at noon, my goal is to have a do list. Can you imagine?!?

The second upside is that I’ve had to be creative about lifting options and came across some really fun (but really hard) low weight ones. If you think you’re in shape, I encourage you to try to resistance band one. In full disclosure, there was no way I could do 100 of the lying pullovers. I did 50 and literally couldn’t do another one.

The other exciting news for the week is that it’s MATCH WEEK!!!! Tomorrow at 11 am, we find out if we matched via a cryptic email that just says yes or no. On Friday at noon, we have a big ceremony at school (as do all 4th year medical students) where we open envelopes and find out where we’ll be going for Residency. I think I’ll breathe a sign of relief tomorrow at 11 but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long week.

Where My Skechers Have Been (Aka Interview Season)

In keeping with the rest of medical education, interview season for residency is a bit of a savage process. You apply to a ton of programs (for an exorbitant fee), you get interviews at a few and you travel to them for a two day speed dating event where you essentially pick where you’re going to live and train for five years. Super low stress. I’m applying in General Surgery which is considered a “late” interview season and we are just starting to get underway. My first interview is Thursday and Friday in Asheville, where I did an audition rotation this past summer. I am beyond excited to return to Asheville (especially since I get a second fall just as the snow is starting to fly up here) and as I was thinking about how to reframe all my upcoming travel in a positive light, I came up with a silly hashtag to highlight all the travel opportunities ahead: #wheremyskechershavebeen.

Running is a central part of my life and wherever we end up next year, I need to be able to escape for a run when I do leave the hospital so I am bringing running clothes with me to every interview. My plan is to run-explore on the first day so that I can see what’s out there in each city. On the second day, interviews start early, so I’m likely going to be touring many hotel gyms for that component. During my interview season, I’m going to be taking ridiculous pictures of my running shoes as we travel the country and scoping out great places to run across the United States and will be sharing those on here. The impact of reframing an annoyance to a positive? I’m actually pretty excited for my first flight delay when I’m posting photos from an airport bathroom. My bet? The flight from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis in December…

Ready to go? First stop, Asheville. 

Week in Review 5.2.16 to 5.8.16

The name of the game last week was respect your body. Overall, I was fine on Monday morning but had weird residual soreness in my back and my shins, so I tried to balance my need to continue to work on fitness and speed and my strong desire to remain (knock on wood) injury free for life.

Monday: Total off day.

Tuesday: 30 minutes easy on the elliptical and arms.

Wednesday: 4 mile very easy run on the treadmill.

Thursday: 6.2 miles with striders mixed in at the end. Goodbye Norwalk!!

Friday: 6 mile run with Will including 2 laps of ins and outs on the track.

Saturday: The first annual (actually, I hope only) Vermont Beer 50K attempt. I offered to drive a bachelor party of Will’s friends around and decided that the way to survive was to run every time we stopped at a brewery. I had hoped to get a 50K in through the day but the boys didn’t quite make it to all the breweries (a totally fine outcome), so I only got 18 in. Still tiring, especially because I kept jumping in the car to drive between segments. If anyone is interested in how to do the 50K, however, let me know! I found some AMAZING running options along the way.

Sunday: 5 easy after cleaning our whole house (post-Bachelor party) and cooking all day for Mother’s Day.

Total Miles: 39.2

Not the best week of training but I recovered from Plattsburgh, moved home from Norwalk, hosted a house full of bachelors, made a great Mother’s Day dinner and took a shelf exam and two clinical skills exams, so not exactly a quiet week!

This week is focusing on transitioning to some more speed in preparation for the Freihofer’s 5K while looking forward to plans for the summer, fall and beyond. I don’t know what my plans look like but I’ll cop to thinking about another marathon…

Time for Plans and Projects


This little guy poked his head up in our side flower garden yesterday, perhaps optimistic that the 65 degrees and humid would be here for good. I’ll admit that I felt a little optimistic as well, as I sweated through an easy 7 in shorts and a tee shirt. It felt most like Spring, however, when I hit the track for the first time since November. It felt like Spring not only because the track was dry instead of under ice and snow, but because I felt awkward and rusty as I attempted to get in my striders. The first straightaway was downright comical. I couldn’t remember how to lift my knees, pick up my cadence or pump my arms. 100 meters felt like forever. By the 8th straightaway, however, familiar efficiency was coming back and my mind started to drift to all the progress that seemed imaginable but just out of reach.

She felt that she was full of the most splendid plans and projects…

Week in Review 2.29.16 to 3.6.16

It’s always easier to accept a low mileage week when you anticipate it. With the State Championships this week, plus a full week on the wards and a rapidly approaching shelf exam, my frame of mind this week was that any run was a good run. Plus, the boys won the State Championship with an incredible 49 points (40 points is a perfect score) and I got to announce my big shoe news so it’s hard to be disappointed with anything else this week.

Monday: 5 mile recovery run. Chest and back for lifting. (154 miles for February)

Tuesday: 6 mile steady state run. Warmed up for 10 minutes, then 30 minutes at steady state (effectively marathon pace), cool down to 6 minutes.

Wednesday: Off day. Running around trying to prep for the second half of the State Meet.

Thursday: 4 miles early before leaving for States. Biceps and triceps.

Friday: 100% wiped. Survived the day then went to bed at 7 pm.

Saturday: 7 mile interval workout with 5 by 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. Legs after.

Sunday: 7 mile recovery run plus striders. Wanted to run long but was wiped and sluggish and didn’t think I would get a lot out of struggling for 5 more miles.

Total Miles 29.2

Now that I’ve (almost) survived my medicine rotation, it’s time to get my butt in gear training wise. I’ve done some good early season workouts but want to start looking forward to my week in California and my half in early May. I won’t be going for a PR (obviously), but would like to compete for the win and in my optimal world, run around 6:25 pace. I also need to start getting in more time on the trails as I prepare for the New England Championships in April. Unfortunately, the snowshoe race next weekend looks like it will be a scratch as weather will be in the 60s this week and we didn’t have much snow to begin with.

For the coming week, I’ll be aiming for 45 miles with a wave tempo and hill workout plus a 12 mile long run. Then it’s off to San Diego, where I’ll alternate between workouts on the Silver Strand and lots of minutes in Balboa Park and hopefully Miramar Reservoir if I can swing it.

Welcome to Skechers

For someone who generally has plenty to say, it’s hard to put into words what today’s post means to me. For anyone who has run competitively, sponsorships are an incredible gift and shoe sponsorships are the holy grail. Yes, shoes serve a practical purpose since most of us go through shoes at an alarming rate but beyond the practical, a shoe sponsor is validation, hope and motivation all wrapped up into one incredible document.

I met Dave at the Craft Brew Race last June, where he got a pair of GoRuns into my hands. I subsequently fell in love with the shoe and started trying to get SkiRack and Fleet Feet to carry them locally. When the opportunity to apply for the 2016 Team came around, I jumped. Dave and I were able to chat leading up to Philly and I had high hopes that I could demonstrate to Skechers just how great an investment I would be. I won’t lie that part of my post-race disappointment came from feeling like I’d blown my chance with Skechers. Imagine my relief when within minutes of my race, a text came back from Dave that said “It’s just one race, we all have bad ones.” That’s a company that gets runners…

All of this to say is that for 2016, I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I’ll be racing for Skechers Performance along with some other awesome Northeast runners.

As you’ll start to see on my sponsors page and with product reviews for Skechers shoes and apparel, with great opportunity comes great responsibility. I’ve always aimed to be transparent when I am given gear to test and this will be no exception. Yes, Skechers will be providing me with free and discounted gear but they are extremely clear in their social media policy that we are not only encouraged but expected to be honest, good, bad or neutral. 

I’m so excited to reveal this next chapter in my life to all of you and to join with Skechers Performance as I strive for the next level in my running.

Have a fast day.


The Best Road Trip Ever

As casual as it may come across on this blog, medical school is no small feat and Will and I have survived it together. As we approach our final year, we’ve been tossing around ideas of what we might do to celebrate the moment we’re both officially MD’s. For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with the idea of renting an RV and exploring this big, beautiful country together. Will was the opposite of excited about this plan when I first proposed it but yesterday, he sent me this and I knew he’d come around. I had also recently come across this map of a United States Brewery tour so all we need to add now are some running landmarks and an official start date!

When my sister and I traveled across the country two summers ago, I had a blast running in different places and had one of the best workouts of my life on a random bike path in Memphis. As Will and I plan the trip, my contribution is to come up with where to run as we travel. For example, I definitely want to run on Pre’s trail and on the track at Nike Headquarters. I’d love to run part of the Grand Canyon and up Pike’s Peak.

As we’re putting together our itinerary, what are some places that you’ve run that you think we can’t miss? Have you ever traveled cross country?

How to Start Running: Month 2

Congratulations: you are now up to running 5 1/2 minutes at a time!**

In Month 2, we’ll head from 10 minutes to 15 minutes and from 5 1/2 minutes of running to 10 minutes.

Week Workout Plan
Week 5  12 minutes (2:00 walk 2:00 run. Repeat 3 times)
Week 6 13 minutes (2:00 walk 2:30 run. Repeat 3 times)
Week 7 14 minutes (1:00 walk 2:00 run. Repeat 4 times. 2 min walk to end)
Week 8 15 minutes (1:00 walk 2:00 run. Repeat 5 times)

**If you are just tuning in, check out Month 1 first.

Who’s still with us?! (And welcome to Molly who is working towards her first 5K).