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Will Joins the Club

I first met Will in Chem Lab. He’s good looking, but the real reason I talked to him was because he was on crutches and had a scar that looked remarkably similar to mine, a few months old at that point. Once I found out he was a runner, Hot Runner Boy was born. My sister thought I was nuts when I texted her that night that I’d met the guy I was going to marry. I wasn’t wrong. It took me a while to get Will on board, but I think he’s pretty psyched I’m as committed to being right as I am.

Despite being a runner, Will hadn’t run in almost three years due to an ankle that just kept having major anatomical issues. From a tarsal tunnel release to an extra tendon removal and finally a total reconstruction, it was a LONG road to get back to running, let alone racing. Throughout all of this, he supported everyone else in his life who was just running along, including me. Finally, he joined us again in the spring and things have gone well enough that he’s picked his debut marathon. I’m so excited to see what he does at Toronto in October of 2014!

The Bride Wore…Nikes?

I started my wedding day the way I start most days: with a run. We had planned a Wedding Day 5K, which was a blast, but before that even happened, I went out for my own five mile run to get some quiet time before a crazy day and was glad I did.

Then we had the Wedding Day 5K at Catamount, which had a great turnout. I didn’t quite prepare my friends for the technical nature of the course but it didn’t deter them. Emmy even ran the course in a cocktail dress.

Happy Almost-Married Mannings

For the ceremony and the reception, the boys wore flats and even I got in on the fun, rocking my pink and white waffle racers for much of the night. We ended up needing the footing, as we had quite the walk down to the altar.

Fresh Groomsmen Flats

Bridal Flats (my something old)

Even our cake topper got into the fun, with uniforms in our wedding colors. I especially like Will’s headband.

Will’s shorts are TOO long

We made it!

Thanks, Coach

I made a big coaching shift this summer. While Will and I have always been good at compartmentalizing our various relationships, deciding to add coach-athlete to that list was a risky endeavor. It’s hard to date someone you coach. It’s hard to date your coach. And then there’s that whole “marrying your coach” element that we decided to add in January. Still, I am of the opinion that he’s one of the best young coaches around and I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity. For the most part, we do a good job of managing this set of roles. Beyond the hours of work Will puts into my training schedule are the hours of massage and stretching and sports psychology that comes from having an athlete in your care. Training me for VCM has taken over our lives and we’re hoping the past nine months are worth the sacrifices, spats and sore muscles.

So thanks for all of it, Coach. Sorry about being your live-in taper horror.

Finding Solid Ground

There’s no doubt the last 18 months have been hectic for me. Between finishing up prereqs for med school, the MCAT, coaching, working, training and applying, I’ve increasingly felt spread too thin. It wasn’t until recently, however, when someone very important to me told me that I’d failed to make them a priority that I realized I need to stop this slide towards chaos before I start med school. I think what hurt most about the comment is that he was right. I don’t prioritize the people in my life well; this was confirmed by my mom who gently shared that she felt the same way.

I’m career driven and not apologetic about that, but it saddens me that people I love dearly feel that they aren’t important to me or getting enough of my energy. Now that I recognize that I haven’t done a great job over the past year, I’m also realizing that I stopped prioritizing myself as well. It’s a bitter pill to realize you’ve been an accidental asshole to people who deserve better, and I’m trying to figure out how to improve on it. Running helps; I solve problems when I run and clear my head so that I can focus on all of my other tasks and on strengthening the relationships in my life.

The other realization I’ve had recently is that I’m distracted a lot of the time both because of all of my commitments and because I spend too much time on my phone and social media. To quell that, I’m taking a social media hiatus and making a rule that if I’m out in public or with a friend, I’m not on my phone. Life is short and I don’t think I’ll look back at the end my life and wish I’d sent more texts. That hiatus includes this blog; in the past, I’ve loved writing about running adventures and stories, but recently it’s felt less joyful and more obligatory, so it’s time for a break.

From now til December, I’ll be dark on here but rest assured out there sharing the roads and trails, screaming for my girls and working on heading into 2013 a more present, grounded person.

Run on.

You Might Be a Runner If…

…your shorts make other people uncomfortable and are one butterfly stretch away from indecent exposure

…you purchase more than 1 jar of peanut butter to get through the week

…you and your significant other’s idea of bedroom wear are matching Strassburg Socks

…you firmly believe that cotton kills baby animals

…the Stick and Body Glide in your bedroom have nothing to do with sex

…you talk about beer during your workouts and your workouts while drinking beer

…you have to remind yourself that snot rockets and spitting are not appropriate when you’re not running

…you don’t know what some of your running partners do for work, but you know their 5, 10, half and full PRs

…you’ll change anywhere, anytime. Same goes for bathroom breaks.


What silly things define you as a runner? How do you categorize “real” runners versus hobby joggers?


Like A Bad Habit

I’ve told the story before, but an ex and I once had an enormous fight mid-run over him one stepping me. We were so mad that we didn’t finish the run together and didn’t speak for hours when we got home. Even though we’re no longer dating (not because of the one-step incident), we still heckle each other about who holds the marathon PR. Incidentally, you’re going down in May, Moss.

This “motivational poster” from Runner’s World this week is both Valentine’s themed and spot-on.

Do you run with your significant other? Any horror stories from racing together?

Love is in the Air

I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day person. I feel about it the way I feel about Earth Day and Mother’s Day; shouldn’t we celebrate and cherish our loved ones, the planet and our parents every day? That said, today is a great day to spend a little extra time with the people that we love. I’m starting my Valentine’s Day over breakfast with my sister and ending it with a speed workout on the Waterfront. If the moon makes an appearance, it might just be romantic.

In a lot of ways, running is a relationship. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s great and sometimes it drives you insane and you just want to quit. You get out what you put in and most of the time, the reward is well worth the investment of time, money and heart. Running often makes you a better person and when you’re not running, you miss it dearly. (In my experience, running also saves relationships by making the runner a calmer, kinder mate.)

What are your Valentine’s plans?

Sex on Fire

No worries, this song is mostly SFW. For me, this song is everything Summer 2011 (even though it came out in 2008). Bud Light Lime on North Beach. Cuddling with Lianne and Rina. Tan, beautiful boys who mess with the mind. Brewer’s Fest. Organic Chem. Even now, in the midst of this weird, chilling winter, it makes me happy and gets me through my core work.

If it’s not forever, if it’s just tonight, it’s still the greatest…


My Life is Complete

I was totally that badass kid who wore Tuesday underwear on Friday. As an adult, I’m still breaking rules and have to relearn at least once every couple of months that my turquoise thong is the WORST running underwear ever. When I heard about these on Runner’s World, I knew my troubles were over. Who’s getting me these for Christmas?!

Showcase Showdown

I usually leave my relationship musings on my Tumblr account, but since this one ties into running, it’s landing here.

A friend and I were discussing relationships the other day and the inevitable compromises, when he quipped, “It’s sort of like choosing the Showcase Showdown at the end of the Price is Right.”  While I balked at first to any comparison drawn between Bob Barker and a relationship, I think he might be right. For those unfamiliar, the contestant must consider the showcase offered, and either bid or pass. If you bid, you are stuck with that showcase, no matter how fabulous the second one turns out to be. If you pass, you’re stuck with the second showcase (assuming the other person doesn’t do a better job of bidding…)

What’s the benefit of choosing a showcase err significant other who runs? For non-runners, running often seems like a punishment and answering the first date question of “What do you like to do for fun?” with “running” or  “marathons” can be deadly. Assuming you make it past the first date, your new flame is likely to discover that you spend a lot of time running, that your toenails are really messed up and that you will never, ever sleep in on Sunday. Add to that the fact that you talk about running incessantly, are miserable during taper and have a food budget that almost matches that of your rent and you may not be the catch you think you are.

Dating a runner can be equally treacherous. Beat a guy one time in a race and the dynamic can be forever upset when you discover that he doesn’t like being chicked, even by his girlfriend. What was once your individual quiet time becomes couple time and can be crowded with resentment of the intrusion. A boyfriend once ditched me on a run because we had such a big fight about him one-stepping me. And then there was the time I forgot to register us for Boston…

What do you think? Does it matter if your significant other runs? Is it reason enough to choose or pass on a showcase? Funny running-related relationship stories?

And remember, help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed and neutered.

Run On