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Week in Review 9.26.16 to 10.2.16

How is it already October?!

Monday: Woke up almost embarrassingly sore from hiking. Bit of a combo run, with a before practice then a few 1200s at 7:00 pace with some of the team. 8.5 miles.

Tuesday: Also known as, World’s Most Athletic Day. Hiked Eagle Mountain with Will and the dogs in the morning then did an hour run then went to CRWrx class (30 minutes of core). 4 miles with the team in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Sore, explanation above. My legs were fine but all the tiny stabilizer muscles in my core were on fire! 3.5 mile recovery run.

Thursday: 10.5 mile run at a very good clip in perfect fall weather.

Friday: 5.5 mile run in the morning then Body Pump.

Saturday: 7 mile run at Thetford plus coaching sprints.

Sunday: Felt awful all day but Will convinced me to get out for 5.

Total Miles: 51

Total September Miles: 225

Found a much better balance this week of getting out and enjoying the outdoors, being present to coach and training myself. My training isn’t particularly focused right now but I’m working on building general fitness and more importantly, actual strength through Body Pump and core class.

Had a great meeting with Dave from Skechers on Wednesday where we got to talk goals for 2017 and I got to see the new lineup! I have a bazillion pictures of all the snazzy new gear (can’t share them yet) but I was really impressed to see the following improvements:

  1. Refinement of the soles to make them more streamlined and lighter. Bonus for being more durable (~500 miles of durability in wear testing)
  2. Uppers are now all FlyKnit for a better fit and more comfortable ride
  3. The Meb Razor. This shoe is going to be an instant hit and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Week in Review 4/27/15 to 5/3/15

Wrapped up life in Lewiston, moved back to Burlington and scored a 5K PR.

Monday: 7 mile recovery run in the rain.

Tuesday: 8.5 mile run, coughing my head off the whole way.

Wednesday: Workout. 3 by 1200 at T pace (6:16) and 5 by 200 at R pace for a total of 8.6 miles. Still feeling off but definitely improving.

Thursday: Off day, prorated to 7 to pack and study.

Friday: 7 miles with Will in Shelburne.

Saturday: 3.5 mile prerace run with a mile of shakeout on the track.

Sunday: Champlain Classic 5K. 18:44, fastest freestanding 5K for me! Total of 7 miles for the day.

Total Miles: 48.5

Total April Miles: 160

The good? A new 5K PR, a resolving lung infection and home to Will and the dogs!

The bad? Still can’t get my f***ing mileage where I want it to be with my schedule. This is hurt in part by not getting long runs in and in part by just not setting my schedule up to get my 8ish in most days.

And a funny article by Lauren Fleshman about the things we ignored when we were younger…


A Week for the Dogs

First, thank you for all of your entries to the Stunt Runner giveaway! Here are two more adorable entries:

Precious Entry

Jamie’s young running buddy Precious

Laurel from Joyrunner's running buddy Samson

Laurel from Joyrunner’s running buddy Samson

The winner of the givaway is Lexa and her running momma Shelby. As you can see below, Lexa has lots of hardware from her momma’s exploits over the last year. Shelby is a seriously busy runner; she ran 10 half marathons last year and finished her first Boston this spring in just over 4 hours. Impressive lady!

Lexa Stunt Puppy

Shelby's Half Marathons over the last year. Impressive!!

Shelby’s Half Marathons over the last year. Impressive!!

Watson is excited to use his Stunt Runner leash this weekend as he and Will will be doing their first 5K together at the Doggie 5K this weekend. Their performance will be almost completely dependent on the weather, how many trees need marking and any particularly attractive squirrels along the course. I can’t wait to take pictures and be cheer squad for my two favorite boys.

How far do you travel for races? Have you done a doggie run?

Week in Review 6.2.14 to 6.8.14

It was a nice adaptation week with a capstone of the Causeway 15K at the end. I had my most successful blogging week ever (so thanks!) and wrote about runners and body image, shared a picture from my very first marathon and did my first giveaway (which is still going through Monday night!)

Monday: PT plus a 7.1 mile run in Colchester with Will. Everyday Abs before bed.

Tuesday: 7 miles plus 4 striders at the end. Feeling a little clunky in the humidity. 300 Abs routine.

Wednesday: Workout! Very deceptive workout that didn’t sound that hard but kicked my butt. Try it if you don’t believe me! 2 sets of 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minutes at R pace with whatever you need in between to recovery. My first set was very clunky but my second set really started to feel smooth. Pace was sitting around 5:45 pace so I can’t complain about that! Let myself “run choppy” on the cooldown and felt about 100 times better. 9 miles total with drills before.

Just some goats mowing the lawn at Leddy Park for my workout.

Just some goats mowing the lawn at Leddy Park for my workout.

Thursday: Scheduled off day. Prorated 6.7 miles.

Friday: 3.4 mile shakeout plus 4 striders. Let myself be choppy again and it was just so much better. 7:33 pace for the run and felt a lot more natural than plodding along trying to be relaxed. Did arms at home and the Core Challenge workout.

Tough, especially the last upright plank.

Tough, especially the last upright plank.

Saturday: Causeway 15K in 1:02:39! Great fitness check. 2 mile warmup, 3 mile cool down for 14 miles. Hipcore and glute activation after.

Post race selfie.

Post race selfie.

Sunday: Recovery 8.

Total Miles: 55

1 Lift

3 Core

1 hipcore

This was a solid recovery week. I focused on getting better sleep and making sure I was well fueled and hydrated. Wish I’d gotten to the gym but with the race Saturday and my history of being sore from leg days, I didn’t want to risk it.

The Stunt Puppy Giveaway has brought in some adorable pictures so far; here are two submissions that cracked me up.

Lexa Stunt Puppy

Lexa with all her mama’s hardware on

Fenway on a run with her parents

Fenway on a run with her parents

Causeway 15K Race Report

Short Version:

1st female, 4th overall. 1:02:39 (6:44 pace)

Long Version:

Started the day with a low GI stress breakfast that's as close to a Reese's cup as I can get.

Started the day with a low GI stress breakfast that’s as close to a Reese’s cup as I can get.

Getting really good at the race day selfie. Trying out a new headband today, thanks to JoJo.

Getting really good at the race day selfie. Trying out a new headband today, thanks to JoJo.

Got to the start at about 7:45 and found my bib and Katherine. It was already pretty warm but I’ve been doing most of my runs in the heat of the day (on purpose) so I wasn’t too worried. Did a 2 mile warmup of the first bit of the course, then headed over the start line. Hysterical start, as no one wanted to be up front so my friend Angie and I were literally on the line. We decided to make fun of ourselves by starting block-style.

My plan was to just relax for the first few miles and aim for a slower version of my tempo pace. I didn’t wear my watch but the first 5 miles felt totally effortless. I was alone pretty quickly save for a gray singlet man who went out too fast. I worked on reeling him back in as he started to fade but got him before the turnaround and spent the rest of the race alone. At about the same time, I started hearing footsteps. Sometimes when you are alone, you can hear phantom footsteps but in this case, I turned around to find a woman about 3 strides back from me rocking headphones and a full iPhone arm set up. No fricken way. I surged a bit to see if she’d follow and she didn’t but I spent the rest of the race trying to keep my ears open.

At the turn, I found out we had a bit of a headwind for the return trip which was a bummer in a race where I was allllll alone. I entertained myself by playing games like “get to the next tree” and “just to the bridge.” Riveting. Once I hit the bridge, I knew we had 2 miles left so I tried to start pushing a little bit. Probably kicked a little soon because I felt fantastic for ~mile 8 but started to tie up a bit right around what I’m guessing was 9. Finished strong and felt totally in control, so the workout/race combo was a success. I’m glad it wasn’t any longer and that it didn’t start any later; it was about 75 when we finished and starting to feel really warm.

Marks an improvement of over a minute since the 15K last month and more importantly a big jump in fitness. This was the sign I was waiting for and a great way to end Phase I.

Pictures below from the beautiful Causeway. I’m so glad it’s back in action after Irene! The Stunt Runner giveaway is still going until Monday night, so get your entry in if you haven’t!


How beautiful is this race?

How beautiful is this race?



Love this girl. Teammates make all the difference.

Love this girl. Teammates make all the difference.

Foot needed a little TLC. Don't tell my mother what I really use my stock pot for.

Foot needed a little TLC. Don’t tell my mother what I really use my stock pot for.

CSA salad for recovery

CSA salad for recovery

Stunt Runner Leash Giveaway!

One of the best parts about owning pitbull mixes is that they are GREAT running buddies. Tinker is on the injured reserve right now courtesy of a heart problem, but Watson runs about 30 miles a week with us and is gearing up for his very first 5K race in early June. Running is simple but the piece of gear that has made all the difference for us is the Stunt Runner leash by Stunt Puppy. It allows us to run hands free with Watson which leads to safer runs with way better form than you get when you try to hold a leash. We tell everyone about it and now Seth and Rosie run with a black version and our upstairs neighbor borrowed ours until hers arrived.

Will and Watson headed out for a run.

Will and Watson headed out for a run.

From my perspective, four things set the Stunt Runner apart from a regular leash. First, the bungie material means that the leash doesn’t trip either of you if one or both parties change speed. Second, the traffic control loop lets you keep your dog safe and under control during crowded sections of your run. Third, if you have places where your dog can go off leash, the Stunt Runner clips back on itself so you can run comfortably while your dog explores. Finally, the leash wraps around your waist securely, which is a much stronger body part to brace with should your favorite running buddy see a squirrel or equally enticing creature.

As such, I’m SO excited to host a giveaway for you to win your very own Stunt Runner. This is perfect for any sized dog and for running, hiking or even traversing the Farmer’s Market. There are multiple ways to enter via the Rafflecopter widget. If by some chance the giveaway software below doesn’t work, the ways to enter are:

1. Comment on this post between now and Tuesday night (6/10) at midnight and tell me a story about your favorite furry running buddy.

2. Follow me on Twitter @runswatrun and send a tweet to let me know you did.

3. Follow this blog

4. Send a picture of your furry friend either by sharing it on Instagram or Twitter and tagging me.

Stunt Runner Giveaway

An almost exact replica of the leash prize!

The Stunt Runner leash for this giveaway was provided to me for free by Stunt Puppy. The original leash that we use every day was purchased by us and all opinions are my own. The giveaway goes from 6/6/14 to 6/10/14 at midnight. All entries will be numbered and a winning number will be selected using

In Like a Lion

With a high of 14, today felt more like January than March. Since I missed most of the winter, however, I don’t have much room for complaint. Still, I’m ready for slightly warmer weather!

Recovery is going really well (knocks on wood). I’m running about 2 miles at a time continuously, longer if I take some short walk breaks. My ankle feels pretty good, although I’m still rocking an epic cankle. I’m working to get back in the routine of foam rolling twice daily, core and stretching. That’s quite enough to build back in for now but at some point, I have to get fueling dialed back in. Evidently animal crackers and string cheese aren’t optimal fuel?!

The other big (sad) news is that the ski season is over. The team did great at the State Meet with multiple people in the top 10 and some epic relays. My post-states depression is in full swing, though. I’m loving the study time but I miss my daily dose of total, easy happiness courtesy of coaching.

Tomorrow, I’m doing a “workout” with Joey (not to be confused with Joe, who is WAY too fast for me right now). She is training for her first VCM and is doing 800s tomorrow. I’ll join her for warmup and cool down and then alternate 800s if I can manage the pace. The breaks will rest my foot but it will be fun to be real again, even if for a couple repeats on the track.


Scar (and cankle) 9 weeks out



Stretching tight hip flexors



Proud to say I supplied the extras in this photo


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Hands Free Leash

Ava loves to run and I love to run with Ava, but holding her leash meant that my left side couldn’t swing properly while we ran, leading to serious left side pain and her being left behind anytime I had an event coming up. I finally picked up a Stunt Puppy leash this week and it is changing everything. My hands are free so no leg pain and Ava is getting out to run at least once a day. I’m still a little nervous about the durability of the leash versus a squirrel encounter, but so far we’ve survived two cat sightings and remained upright and intact. (Oh, and P.S. Burlington, they’re on sale at City Sports this week…)

Stunt Puppy “Stunt Runner” leash

(Late) Wordless Wednesday: Snake Mountain

As I’m taking a break from structured running and getting used to working 9 to 5 again, I’ve also taken a break from this blog. I’ll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, pictures of my beautiful pitbull at the top of Snake Mountain last night.