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Week in Review 1.2.17 to 1.8.17

A new year begins…with a week off of running.

Monday: Woods Walk with the dogs. Beautiful out!

Tuesday: 45 minute easy nordic ski.

Wednesday: Travel to UMass, nothing.

Thursday: 30 minute elliptical plus full body lift.

Friday: Travel to Vegas. Scratch that, travel to Salt Lake City on a huge delay…get two hours of sleep THEN get to Vegas…

Saturday: 15 minute bike, 30 minute elliptical. Arms and core.

Sunday: 20 minute elliptical tempo workout. Core and foam roll.

Not the worst week for a down week with two back to back interviews and lots of travel. Plus, not running leaves lots of time to lift and do core workouts. Will and I also took our first vacation in almost four years and have been loving our time in Las Vegas. We’re not gamblers (at all) but we’ve taken advantage of great food, entertainment and eight plus hours of sleep a night!

I’m traveling for another week and will start to transition back to running but with no real plan. If I have time or interest, I’ll run and if not, I’ll do the gym or rest. When I get back to Vermont on the 15th, I’ll be sitting down and mapping out my approach to New Bedford and Spring 2017.

Week in Review 11.17.14 to 11.23.14

First, I need some blog wisdom from others. I had the bright idea to migrate my blog from to and it has been an absolute nightmare. I finally got all the content moved over but any formatting and fancy-ness was lost. After 6 hours on the phone with Bluehost, it turns out that because I updated my address today, I can’t migrate for another 60 days. I’ll be using that time to find an alternative blog service; who do you use that you’ve had a good experience with? I still have to wait 60 days but at least I don’t have to support WP at the end of this…

Didn’t do a lot of running this week as it was a planned season break for me. I take my time off seriously and although I do run, I operate more on the “run with the spirit moves you” plan. I’ll be on this plan until December 1st when I start getting ready for the spring season.

Monday: Hiked the Grand Canyon West Rim! We used this tour company and did the breakfast upgrade, which I highly recommend. They picked us up at Bally’s at 6:00 am and we headed East. The tour guy (we had Gary) can seem gruff at first, but he was exceptional. We had a whole bus ride of history covering how Las Vegas came to be, the history of the Hualapai Tribe who own the West Rim and the ecosystem of the West Rim. I didn’t do any running on Monday but did hike all around the West Rim.

Standing on the edge of the West Rim

Standing on the edge of the West Rim

No fences to keep you from falling alllllll the way down.

No fences to keep you from falling alllllll the way down.

Tuesday through Friday: Hip core and abs all of these days, but no running. The weather has shifted drastically here and winter is upon us, so it wasn’t even hard to be a bum!

Saturday: Erin and I made plans to go for a run and although I only planned to do an hour, we got a tad lost on the backside of Mansfield and ended up doing 11 miles. First run since the half and first run in tights and I felt clunky! Great to be out there, though, and looking forward to getting back into training.

Sunday: Easy run with Will, 5 miles.

Total: 16 whole miles and a lot of core work.

For the coming week, I’ll do a little running, some lifting and maybe even a local Turkey Trot if the weather isn’t frigid. My other task for the week is to figure out what my race schedule will be going forward.

Did winter arrive where you are? What are your big 2015 races?