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Week in Review 8.15.16 to 8.21.16

Another whirlwind week!

Monday: 5.5 miles while I got my oil changed with 4 laps of striders on the track at UNC-Asheville. Super hot!

Tuesday: 7 miles with 3 by 5 minutes at tempo effort.

Wednesday: 5 miles of recovery running on the Mountains to Sea trail.

Thursday: 6 miles easy, my last morning in Asheville.

Friday: Travel Day. Winchester, Virginia to Roxbury, VT to meet my girls at training camp! Unfortunate feature was getting rear-ended about an hour from camp.

Saturday am: Easy warmup then 5 by 3 minutes at tempo effort (XC girls).

Saturday pm: 3.5 mile recovery run. Beach abs after.

Sunday am: Easy warmup then 5 by Windridge hill hard. Legs after.

Sunday pm: Hour plus of yoga; tons of hip and back work. Much needed.

Total Miles: 37

I’m back in Vermont! I spent the weekend with my girls at training camp and loved every second. As mentioned above, I did unfortunately get rear-ended while traveling on Friday, which was my first accident in over a decade. I was stopped in traffic and she didn’t see that we were stopped and hit me at a pretty good clip. Thankfully, I had Will’s Honda and although it needs some repairs, no one was injured and besides some sore muscles and a sore wrist, I was totally unscathed.

I’m excited to get back into a groove this week and start following my 9 day schedule on Wednesday. Since I’ve been at 35 to 37 miles for the last 3 weeks, I’ll adjust down to 45 miles for this first week back, rather than pushing for 50.


Week in Review 6.20.16 to 6.26.16

Finally, a solid week of training!!

Monday: 7.2 miles around my new neighborhood in blistering heat.

Tuesday: Back in Vermont. Didn’t have an inhaler so kind of a fake workout. Did 7 minutes at tempo pace then a mile of striders on the track. 8.5 total.

Wednesday: 8 miles at Palos Woods. What an incredible place to run!

Thursday: 11.5 miles on the Cal-Sag trail.

Friday: 10 by (1 minute hard, 1 minute easy) for a total of 9.25 miles. Focused and strong for all the hard sections. Really happy with how this went. Legs after.

Saturday: 7.1 super hot miles around the neighborhood.

Sunday: 10 miles at Palos Woods. Didn’t mean to do that much but got a little lost on the back loop. Much needed after a really rough night in the House of God. 

Total Miles: 61.6

Really happy with this week of training, especially since it was a big transition week for me in a new place on a new rotation. The running options in Chicago are amazing and I’m grateful for it because the rotation is definitely one that requires some…decompression. I also have my full schedule for the next three weeks so was able to plan all my training out. Such a luxury!

I start the coming week off with 5 by tempo miles on the Prairie Path tomorrow then speed later in the week and a long run next Saturday. I’m toying with jumping in a 4th of July 5K as well just to shake things up and check my fitness going into the half.

Week in Review 6.13.16 to 6.19.16

As though the delay on this post wasn’t enough of an indication, this past week has been a flipping whirlwind. I finished my rotation at Central Vermont, drove to Chicago and then 24 hours after arriving there, flew to Burlington and back to Chicago in less than 17 hours. And somehow ran every day…

Monday: 10 miles around Berlin Pond. Still feeling the weekend big time.

Tuesday: Second week of continuous tempo at the Tuesday Night Fun Run. Super windy but came in at 26:45, which was close to last week’s time but with a faster closing mile. 9 miles total.

Wednesday: 7 slow, ploddy miles plus strides and hipcore.

Thursday: 8.8 miles around Berlin Pond.

Friday: Mixed bag workout. Warmed up, 4 laps of ins and outs then 4 by 200 hard on the road. 6.25 miles total.

Saturday: 4 super hot miles when we got to Chagrin Falls.

Sunday: 6 miles in Chagrin before church/driving.

Total Miles: 51.1

Struggling to get my long runs in lately but hoping 10 is good enough to get me through the half later this month. My schedule is wacky going forward but planned out so I can hopefully get into a bit of a routine for the next couple of weeks. I have begun to explore the trails and bike paths around southwest Chicago and so far, it’s a beautiful (albeit a bit flat) place to run. I also found an incredibly reasonable local gym that offers BodyPump, which is one of my all time favorite strength classes so I’m hoping to be able to make it there at least twice a week.

Week in Review 6.6.16 to 6.12.16

Monday: Prorated off day, 7.5 miles.

Tuesday: Big workout day. Warmed up, 8 x 100 meter strides as ins/outs then 4 at tempo pace (heartrate based) with the Central Vermont Runners group, then 8 x 100 meter strides as ins/outs for a total of 9 miles. Legs afterward.

Wednesday: 10 miles around Berlin Pond. So fun to be back on my old stomping grounds.

Thursday: 8 recovery miles with Erin. Feeling really wiped but trying to convince myself to push through the new mileage burden.

Friday: Workout that went surprisingly well! Was exhausted when I hit the track but talked myself into trying one 400 and got in 6 by 400 at (85, 83, 84, 82, 82, 82).

Saturday: 8 miles up a mountain. Literally. Was up at Jay Peak for Sully’s wedding and decided to run up the mountain, which I did for approximately 15 minutes before realizing it was a good way to break my ankle. Ended up getting a lot of elevation gain on the roads around the resort after that.

Sunday: Off day. Exhausted from the wedding, sore from running a ton of elevation then wearing heels. Although I wanted to get some miles in, it seemed stupid to do it on calf muscles that were already cramped.

Total Miles: 50.8

The Good: I got in two great workouts that I feel really good about as well as a midweek long run, which has formerly been a key to fitness for me. I’m also really proud that I kept a positive attitude about my Friday workout and was able to get that workout done even though my legs were exhausted.

The Bad: A little frustrated that I missed my longer run again this week because of scheduling issues. I am not doing a great job of prioritizing running with all my other commitments right now and although that’s the reality of life right now, it still frustrates me!

Wrapping up this rotation this week then off to Chicago on Saturday for a new adventure!

Week in Review 5.30.16 to 6.5.16

Monday: 11.5 miles on the bike path with Will.

Tuesday: Easy run plus 4 laps of striders on the track.

Wednesday: 7 mile interval workout. Warmup, drills, 4 laps of ins and outs plus 6 by .25 miles on the bike path. Effort was definitely there, pace was a little off because of the terrain.

Thursday: 4 miles in the early morning. Exhausted!

Friday: 10 mile long run on the Causeway. Nice to get my run done before the weekend.

Saturday: 6.8 mile tempo workout with 3 miles continuous tempo via heartrate. (6:31, 6:39, 6:36). Legs after. Felt good.

Sunday: 5.5 mile recovery run with 4 laps of striders on the track. Arms afterward.

Total Miles: 50.3

Total May Miles: 220

The Good: I got up and got my runs in early this week which made it a much less stressful week from a running perspective. I continue to do a good job getting striders in and feel like my efficiency is really improving. Although my mileage is the same as it has been, it was really an adaptation week because my day to day volume was lower besides the Monday long run.

The Ugly: Still struggling to get my strength work in. Got two workouts in this week plus bedtime abs, so hoping to add another leg workout to next week.

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Week in Review 5.16.16 to 5.22.16

Monday: 7 miles of recovery on the treadmill plus arms.

Tuesday: 9.15 miles with a workout. Warmed up, strides, drills, mindfulness then 6 by 400 (84, 83, 84, 84, 85, 82) and 4 by 200 hard. Legs afterward.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles on the trails.

Thursday: Off day, prorated at 7 miles.

Friday: 8.5 mile run through the Intervale. Legs feeling really punky.

Saturday: 5.2 mile fartlek run with drills plus a mile of 100 meter ins and outs followed by a mile of 400 at T, 400 jog. Drove to and from Boston for the Red Sox game which was a blast but hard on my back and legs.

Sunday: 8 mile run in the rain.

Total Miles: 49.4

The Good: I had an AWESOME workout on Tuesday, not only because I ran paces that were faster than I expected but because I felt great doing it and got myself into a good mindset before the workout.

The Ugly: I’m trying to do too much right now and getting ready to be gone for 8 weeks has buried me in to dos. On top of that, we had tickets to the Red Sox (a great thing!) and I didn’t set my weekend up well to get my long run in. For this coming week, I need to do a better job of making sure I’m set up to get my runs in!

In an attempt to take some things off my plate before I leave for Chicago, I’ve decided not to run Freihofer’s. The race alone would be great but since I have to travel and stay overnight, it adds a huge amount of stress and uses up another weekend when I could be prepping for Step 2 and polishing my residency application. I may look for another race that weekend and will certainly be looking for races in Chicago and Asheville as I continue my 2016 goal of building race experience.

Week In Review 4.11.16 to 4.17.16

Monday am: 20 minutes on the elliptical to start moving things a bit

Monday pm: 3.37 very pathetic miles. Flats and uphills were fine, downhills were a disaster!

Tuesday: 6.87 miles with 4 by 50 meter striders. Feeling mostly better although left quad still a little sore.

Wednesday: 8.6 miles with 5 by 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 4 by 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy. Endurance legs and core after. Felt really good once I got going but definitely found some residual soreness after!

Thursday: 5.65 easy.

Friday: 2 mile morning shakeout.

Saturday: 10,000 meters on the track! 39:10, race report to come but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated. 11 miles for the day.

Sunday: 7 miles really easy at Waveny Park in New Canaan. Beautiful place for a recovery run!

Total Miles: 45

Tricky week to balance recovery and fitness but I think it went okay. I didn’t feel the fatigue from the trail run until about 4 miles into the 10,000 so that was a welcome surprise. Even more exciting is that I’m absolutely loving racing again because everything is so far from my comfort zone, there’s no way to be disappointed!

Back to the grind this week miles-wise, as soon as I’m recovered from Saturday. I’ll be keeping to my tempo/R pace schedule with some fast, quick intervals to work on my efficiency between now and the Plattsburgh half.

Congratulations to all the Boston Marathon runners yesterday! That women’s finish was something else. Ain’t over til it’s over…

Week in Review 4.4.16 to 4.10.16

Monday: 3.25 mile recovery run with big arms and core.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles with 10 minutes at tempo pace plus 4 by 30 seconds hard uphill. Still feeling the residual of a lot of hours on the trails. Legs after.

Wednesday: 4.27 miles with striders.

Thursday: 4.4 miles.

Friday: 2 mile progressive shakeout.

Saturday: Merrimack River Trail Race, aka the “Rivah.” Finished 12th for women in 1:16:20, which was momentarily disappointing, but overcome by the realization that I a) had a ton of fun b) executed my race plan and c) smiled for almost the entire (really flipping hard) race.

Sunday: Off Day. My legs are tired from yesterday but nothing appears broken. Given that I have to turn around and race a 10K on Saturday, however, I opted for more rest so I can get a little training in this week around that.

Total Miles: 32.4

This week (well really weekend) was one of the most refreshing ones I’ve had in a while. On Friday night, I drove up to Boston and caught up with my Uncle on the drive. He’s a retired physician and has been an enormous support to me throughout this process so it was great to catch up with him. I stayed with my best friend from college and we got to giggle and catch up all weekend. Then today, I got to catch up with another dear friend on the way back to Norwalk. Medical School is BRUTAL on personal relationships and I am so grateful to have friends who stick by me and to have a few hours to just be a regular person.

The race was also an amazing experience. I’ll recap it more in my race report, but I am just overwhelmingly proud of my execution. It wasn’t my best race and I’d hoped to be faster but I did a great job of just running my race plan, putting in a solid performance without risking my race next weekend or the half in May and had a total fricken blast.

As I’ve alluded a couple of times, the 10000 meter component of the All-Terrain Runner series is coming up next Saturday. I didn’t intend to race back to back weekends but finding a 10K on the track is a bit of a feat and I can’t make the only other guaranteed date this Spring so next weekend, I’m heading up to Fitchburg State University to run in a college meet for 27 some odd laps!

All of this means that my week gets shuffled a bit. I need to recover from yesterday, sharpen for Saturday and still keep my eye on May 1st. I’ll do a glorified strider workout tomorrow even though I won’t be fully recovered, another workout on Wednesday (trying out the Greenwich Running Company workout this week) then two easy days, use Saturday as a workout/heavy tempo and long run Sunday.


Week in Review 2.22.16 to 2.28.16

Monday: Tempo run. 15 minutes at T pace then 2 by 1 mile at M pace.

Tuesday: 4.5 mile trail run in Sunny Hollow.

Wednesday: 4 mile run on the treadmill.

Thursday: 6 mile run.

Friday: 5 mile workout with 10 by 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. Felt really clunky at first but great by the end.

Saturday: 6 miles of skiing at Sleepy Hollow.

Sunday: 11.7 mile long run. Was somehow flying for this run, which is encouraging for Spring 2016!

Total Miles: 43.2

Better week! Happy to get two workouts in and even happier with the way my long run went today. It was windy and I worked all morning but I just clicked in and ran 7:30 pace that felt like jogging for almost 12 miles. I attribute some of this to my being excited to get an outdoor run in and some of it to switching up vitamins and learning to tolerate a bigger dose of iron. Regardless, it makes me excited for the season to come.

For this coming week, it’s States Week, so much of my energy will go to supporting the MMU team as they aim to win the championship on both sides. Running-wise, I’ll be doing a steady state run, another time based interval workout and a 1:40 long run. On my recovery days, I’m hoping to get back onto some trails but we have sketchy weather coming through that may make it too icy to be safe.

Week in Review 2.15.16 to 2.21.16

Yikes, a couple days late on this.

Monday: 6 mile run on the treadmill, full body lift after.

Tuesday: 7 mile progression run. Hip core after.

Wednesday: 4.5 mile hilly recovery run.

Thursday: Off day.

Friday: 10.4 mile long run with 4 by 30 seconds hard uphill in Farrell Park. Full legs after.

Saturday: 5 mile run. 300 abs after.

Sunday: Unplanned off day. Skiing and waxing at the Eastern Qualifier

Total Miles 32.9

Not the week I’d hoped for at all. I’m happy that I planned well enough to get my long run in on Friday but frustrated that I got thwarted on other days with such a good start to the week. I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope trying to balance reasonable mileage with enough sleep to be functional throughout the day. On Saturday, for example, we were supposed to be early call and should have been out by about noon. Instead, we were there until 5 and I had to get up early Sunday to head to Craftsbury to coach. Instead of pushing it and getting up to run before Craftsbury, I gave myself the extra 90 minutes of sleep so that I could safely drive 90 minutes each way and get through the day. Definitely the better choice for Sarah the coach but not the best outcome for Sarah the athlete.

This week has started off much the same, with a very long day yesterday and miserably long post-call day today. Trying to stay positive and tell myself that it’s just 3 more weeks until I get to go to California and get some focused training in.