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Product Review: Salted Watermelon Gu

As it is for most runners, my relationship with energy gels is complicated. They aren’t the most palatable of foods but their convenience and power-per-packaging can’t be beat for long runs and workouts. When I first started running long distance, I used GU Just Plain because I was afraid of all of the other flavors. Over time, I branched out (is that the right word) to Vanilla. I had rough runs with Strawberry Banana and Orange and vowed to avoid the fruit flavors for life. More recently, I’ve been a Mocha Clif Shot kind of girl but when I was visiting my local Fleet Feet recently, spotted a bright green packet behind the counter that promised Salted Watermelon GU. I spent much of my childhood with the nickname of Watermelon so I have a special kinship with the fruit and am a sucker for all things watermelon flavored. I recently tried Salted Caramel and although I liked it, I wasn’t sold enough to replace the Mocha Clif Shot. Now, however, the Salted Watermelon has taken center stage and will be my gel of choice for Albany and Vegas this fall.

Test packets

Test packets

I did two test runs with the Salted Watermelon and was delighted on both. The flavor is subtle (it smells stronger than it tastes) and the hint of salt is actually refreshing in the middle of a run. One of my long runs was a 98% humidity day along the ocean and even warm, the Salted Watermelon was delicious. One of my complaints about GU flavors (and all energy gel flavors) in the past is that there is just too much flavor and it sits in your mouth for miles after the gel. Perhaps GU has improved across the board, but I am happy to report than I was neither tasting nor burping watermelon 30 minutes later.

Grade: A

As I was ordering my supply for the marathon today, I noticed another new flavor: Root Beer. Added 8 of those to my cart for future testing!

What flavors do you love? What flavors will you never ever try again? Favorite energy gel company?

Product Review: Gatorade Prime

My relationship with Gatorade is simple. I drink it in races and occasionally after a hot run but generally don’t have it around. Gatorade now has three lines: Prime, Hydrate (sort of the traditional Gatorade line) and Recover. When I saw Gatorade Prime products on sale for $1 at the grocery store, I took the opportunity to try them out. Not my best bargain hunting.

First I tried the Gatorade Prime Sports Fuel Drink in Berry. It comes in a Capri Sun like pouch without a straw, making it a little difficult to open and drink without pouring it all over your car. The flavor and consistency weren’t bad and actually akin to Capri Sun. I drank half before my workout and half after. The workout was a mess but my stomach was totally happy with my experimentation. If you’re someone who needs cajoling to drink before or after a workout, this might work for you but I can’t find a reason to buy this again over the regular old Gatorade powder which offers a similar nutrition profile with more water per serving. Grade: C+


Some of these ingredients make me nervous.

Some of these ingredients make me nervous.

Second, I tried the Prime Energy Chews. This is where I had high hopes, as I like chewy things and am always looking for pre-run and race fuel that I can tolerate when I’m nervous. Unless I’m having a craving for 8th grade, these will not be my pick. Did you ever chew Bubbalicious, the gum that had fantastic flavor for approximately 13 seconds before turning into a blob of plastic? These have a flavor eerily akin to that plus a bonus granularity that got stuck in my teeth for an hour on my run. There are tons of better chews on the market than this with similar calorie/nutrient profiles. Eat those instead. Grade: D

Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Chews Nutrition Facts

Have you tried any of the Gatorade Prime or Recover products? Thoughts?